Federal Sustainability Plans and Performance

Since its inception, the people of the Tennessee Valley Authority have established a proud record of environmental, energy and economic development leadership. Sustainability resides at the heart of TVA’s purpose.

TVA’s performance involves providing cleaner, reliable and affordable energy to support sustainable economic growth in the region while engaging in proactive environmental stewardship. TVA’s pursuits in these areas benefit the well-being of the 9 million people we serve, industrial, commercial and federal customers, employees and Valley natural resources.

To support federal executive orders, TVA maintains a Sustainability Report and Implementation Plan and a Sustainability Program designed to integrate the goals within Executive Order 13834, ‘Efficient Federal Operations’ into everyday business unit operations. This Executive Order states that The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) will coordinate scorecard metrics and reporting instructions to measure agency progress. TVA’s Federal Sustainability Report and Implementation Plan, which is component of a larger corporate social responsibility plan, addresses key aspects of TVA’s federal objectives and targets. TVA aligns with specific federal goals and metrics, and reports its progress toward meeting these goals. These goals include greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water and waste reduction relating to buildings. Each year the Office of Management and Budget issues a scorecard of agencies’ performance towards these goals.

TVA also participates in federal agency working groups focused on these issues in order to learn about how other agencies are meeting goals, share the latest technologies and methodologies toward meeting goals and to engage in development of guidance for Executive Orders and legislation. Additionally, and in line with sustainability objectives, TVA maintains a Fleet Management Plan, and a Climate Change Adaptation Statement and Plan.


FY 2017 Scorecard Performance


Scope 1&2 GHG Emission Reduction Target

Annual FY Scope 1 & 2 GHG Reduction from a FY 2008 baseline: 36.1% reduction in FY 2017

Scope 3 GHG Emission Reduction Target

Annual FY Scope 3 GHG Reduction from a FY 2008 baseline year: 29.5% in FY 2017


Reduction in Energy Intensity

Reduction in energy intensity in goal-subject facilities compared to a FY 2003 baseline year: 36.9% in FY 2017


Use of Renewable Energy

Use of renewable energy as a percent of facility electricity use: Total of 13.1% from renewable electricity (total RE% of TVA buildings)


Reduction in Potable Water Intensity

Reduction in potable water intensity compared to a FY 2007 baseline year: 28.2% in FY 2017


Reduction in Fleet Petroleum Use

Reduction in fleet petroleum use compared to a FY 2005 baseline year: 68.3% in FY 2017


Green Buildings

Sustainable green buildings: 4.8% of buildings sustainable


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