Contact RERC Council Members

The council consists of up to 20 members representing people across the Tennessee Valley who are interested in TVA’s management of the region’s energy resources.

The council’s purpose is to gather advice from all sectors so that TVA can respond in a responsible way to the needs of people across the region. The council invites public input into its deliberations. In fact, the main reason the body exists is to increase public participation in the decision-making process.

TVA appoints a designated federal officer to facilitate the planning of the council’s meetings and reporting of its activities to the public. That office is currently held by Joe Hoagland, TVA's vice president of enterprise relations and innovation.

To read information about the council members or to contact them, click on the links below.

About the RERC

Comprising members of regional government, customers, academia and advocacy groups, the Regional Energy Resource Council provides guidance on how TVA manages its energy resources against competing objectives and values. Click here to learn more about the RERC.