TVA in Virginia

Fiscal Year 2017 (October 2016 – September 2017)

Energy Sales

  • In fiscal year 2017, TVA sold more than 624 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to Bristol Virginia Utilities and Powell Valley Electric Cooperative to serve four counties in southwestern Virginia.
  • These local power companies in Virginia provided TVA power to more than 20,000 households in 2017, with sales of over 7 million kilowatt-hours.
  • The local power companies also served more than 4,000 commercial and industrial Virginia customers in 2017, with sales of nearly 340 million kilowatt-hours. In addition, local power companies in Virginia sold nearly 18 million kilowatt-hours to outdoor lighting customers.
  • TVA revenues from Virginia local power companies totaled more than $46 million in 2017.

Service Area

  • TVA serves Lee, Scott and Washington counties and a small portion of Wise County in Virginia.
  • The TVA service area in Virginia covers 3,133 square miles, about 4 percent of TVA’s territory. This includes an electricity service territory of 508 square miles and a watershed management area of 3,134 square miles.

Power Generation and Transmission

  • A 10 kilowatt solar-energy facility at Duffield-Pattonsville Elementary School is located in Scott County.
  • TVA owns and/or maintains one substation and nearly 11 miles of transmission line in Virginia.

Land and Water Stewardship

  • The upper half of South Holston Reservoir extends into Virginia. This 7,500-acre reservoir includes about 50 miles of shoreline and provides camping, fishing, boating, swimming and other recreational opportunities for Virginia residents, as well as economic benefits resulting from reservoir-based tourism. TVA maintains 13 stream access sites in the state.
  • TVA manages recreational, natural and cultural resources on more than 250 acres of public land around South Holston Reservoir and partners with state, local and regional stakeholders to improve water quality, shoreline conditions, recreation and biodiversity.
  • TVA manages a recreation area at South Holston Dam, offering picnicking, walking trails and fishing opportunities.

River Management

  • TVA maintains the structural, seismic and hydraulic integrity of two dams in Virginia: Beaver Creek and Clear Creek.
  • TVA operates South Holston Dam and Reservoir as part of an integrated multi-purpose reservoir system to provide numerous stakeholders a variety of benefits which can include: navigation, flood risk reduction, low-cost hydropower, water supply, water quality and recreational opportunities.
  • In addition to South Holston Dam and Reservoir, TVA manages two non-power projects in southwestern Virginia. The Beaver Creek and Clear Creek projects provide flood protection and recreational

Other TVA Operations

  • Virginia households had approximately 73,000 kilowatt-hours of electric energy efficiency savings from the completion of 30 eScores, 19 self-audits and 1 new home.


  • Virginia is home to six employees
  • Virginia is home 118 TVA retirees and their families.

Tax Equivalent Payments

  • TVA paid $1.24 million in lieu of taxes to Virginia in 2017, based on power sales and power property values in the state.

Economic Development

  • TVA works with local power companies, directly served customers and regional, state and community organizations to create economic development opportunities in the TVA region. Economic development focuses on attracting and retaining jobs, capital investment and serving and supporting communities as they prepare for economic growth. During fiscal year 2017, over 440 jobs were created or retained in Virginia and more than $25 million was invested.

TVA Suppliers

  • In fiscal year 2017, TVA purchased over $196 million in nonfuel materials and services from suppliers across the state of Virginia.

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