Retiree Organizations

TVA Retirees Association (TVARA)

About 11,000 TVA retirees and beneficiaries are members of TVARA, which represents more than 22,000 retirees. Independent of TVA and the TVA Retirement System, TVARA works closely with both to ensure that retirees’ interests are served by the agency’s benefit programs. TVARA is supportive of TVA and strives to keep retirees in touch with issues of importance to them and to the agency. Membership in TVARA is also an excellent way for retirees to keep in touch with each other and to support their communities through local chapter activities. Visit our website for more information.

If you’re not already a member, we urge you to join. Dues are only $15 per year, and the free quarterly newsletter helps you keep up with medical benefits, retirement system updates and other issues. To join, send dues to:

400 W. Summit Hill Drive, SPT 5A
Knoxville, TN 37902.

Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated (BVI)

BVI was established in 1975 to tap the talents of TVA’s huge retiree population. That mission continues today. Over the years BVI has grown and expanded to include three major areas of activity.

  • Volunteer work: providing services to TVA and other institutions
  • TVA contract work: providing TVA with short-term staff augmentation
  • FEMA work: providing trained emergency assistance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency

BVI has established a website to promote networking and communication among TVA retirees. The site allows visitors to:

  • Learn about opportunities for volunteer work
  • Sign up to be considered for TVA contract work and FEMA work
  • Send e-mails to friends in the BVI Directory
  • See pictures of co-workers in the BVI photo gallery.
  • Don’t lose touch when you retire. Stay connected at

BVI is open to all TVA retirees and former employees. Spouses are welcome to participate in BVI volunteer activities. There are no dues or meeting requirements. To register, go to the BVI website at and click “REGISTER” in the upper right hand corner.

BVI Headquarters

(865) 632-8419
Toll-free: (888) 821-2191
Mail: BVI, SPT 5A-K
400 W. Summit Hill Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37902