10 Top Tips for Winterproofing Your Home

Though this winter has thus far been unseasonably warm throughout the Valley, the cold weather is here at last. Save money and stay cozy by following these savvy suggestions from EnergyRight Solutions®.

  1. Keep curtains open on the south side of the house and closed on the north during the day to trap the warming sunlight.
  2. Install an ENERGY STAR certified programmable thermostat.
  3. Set your thermostat to 68°F. Turn it down even more when no one is home for several days.
  4. Insulate heating and cooling ducts and repair any air leaks.
  5. Change air filters monthly. Dirty filters force your heating system to work harder.
  6. Caulk and weather-strip around windows and doors to stop air leaks.
  7. Seal exterior light switches and electrical outlets.
  8. Add insulation to your attic, crawlspaces and any accessible exterior walls.
  9. Make sure the fireplace damper is closed when not in use. Don’t send warm air up the chimney.
  10. Use area rugs if you have hardwood or tile floors to keep your feet warm.

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