Custom Incentives

With Custom Incentives, the program offers unbiased, reliable technical assistance and information to help identify custom facility and process improvement opportunities at commercial/institutional facilities. Typically, the custom incentive is most appropriate for larger, more complex projects that are not covered by a Standard Incentive offer. A custom project's goal is holistic, viewing process system design as a whole and not as a one-to-one widget replacement.

Custom Incentives may be available for projects not included under the Standard Incentive offering.

To qualify for eligible incentives, all projects must receive written approval before you purchase or install equipment. Projects may require pre- and post-installation inspection. Incentives are determined after pre-inspection and communicated in the Application Approval Notice. DO NOT purchase, remove or install any equipment until all pre-approval requirements are completed and you have received an Application Approval Notice via email.

Read more about Custom Incentives in our downloadable fact sheet.

To Qualify for Custom Incentives

  • All projects, except for fuel switching projects, must have a utility payback period greater than or equal to two years. The amount of incentive to be paid will be adjusted as appropriate if TVA determines such amount will cause the payback period to be less than 2 years.
  • New construction projects qualify when they are fuel-switching projects or when new load growth is added as a result of TVA's influence.
  • Pre- and post-installation inspections may be required.
  • All incentives are dependent on the approval of TVA and your local power company, as well as upon available funding.
  • For projects with incentive amounts greater than $100,000, TVA will work with you to determine an incentive offer that ensures consistent funding is available for all projects of all sizes.
  • Incentive payments are capped at 70 percent of the project’s actual material costs. The minimum incentive allowed per site per application is $1,000. Contact the Operations Center for information on how best to reach the $1,000 minimum.
  • A Preferred Partners Network (PPN) member may assist with the completion of the application, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the application to ensure that all information is correct. Incomplete fields may result in a rejected application.

Ready to Get Started? Here’s How.

1. Pick a PPN Project Expert Guide

Each application submitted requires the participation of a Preferred Partner Network member. Search our online PPN member database by technology, location or contractor company name to find a match.

2. Get Bids on Your Project

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3. Get Status Updates or Answers

Once your application is in and approved, you can call us at (866) 233-0450, or email, for information about your project.

Standard Incentives

Standard Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria and funding availability. Incentives are available for energy-efficiency measures that involve an upgrade or replacement equipment with a more energy-efficient equipment.

Want More Information?

Want to know more details, or understand what to expect? Click here to learn more about how the incentive process works, and read our guidelines, terms and conditions.