When qualifying companies make an investment in energy upgrades through the EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry program, they may be eligible for an incentive payment to offset some of their costs. Reach out to a Preferred Partners Network member to access the potential incentive to help offset the capital investment for your energy solutions project.

Types of Incentives

Two types of financial incentives—Standard and Custom Incentives—are available to help reduce the cost of implementing your energy solutions project. These incentives are offered through participating local power companies in partnership with TVA. The incentives are not designed to subsidize a company that has the ability to overcome internal financial barriers.

Standard Incentives

Standard Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria and funding availability. Incentives are available for energy conscious measures that involve an upgrade or specific equipment replacement in these measures and markets:

Incentives for Electric Technologies

High Volume Low Speed Fan

New Construction + Building Revitalization

Non-Road Electric Vehicles


Food Services

Custom Incentives

Custom Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria. With incentives, the program offers unbiased, reliable technical assistance and information to help identify custom facility and process electric savings opportunities.

NOTE: All projects (with the exception of electrification projects) must have a utility payback period greater than or equal to two years. The amount of incentive to be paid will be adjusted as appropriate if TVA determines such amount will cause the utility payback period to be less than two years. 

Expert Advice Available

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At-a-Glance Incentives Guide

Click here for a quick reference guide to the EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry incentives program.

Non-Road Electric Vehicles Resources

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) offers an e-learning tool to help you decide if non-road electric vehicles are right for your business—or check out the lift truck cost comparison calculator.