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Process Outline

  • Initiation: Select a Preferred Partner Network (PPN) member and define your scope of work.
  • Application Submission: An email will be 
sent to you to review the application and provide an electric signature within the online application.
  • Application Review: TVA reviews submission and available funding; verifies project approval.
  • Approval: TVA sends a formal “Application Approval Notification” email.
  • Implementation: Order equipment; begin installation.
  • Completion: TVA notified project is complete and does final review and verification of 
  • Payment: Incentive payment will be mailed and satisfaction survey emailed. 

Guidelines and Key Points for Participation

  1. Program Cap: In an effort to ensure equal opportunity for program participation, ERSB+I will be instituting a $200,000 cap on yearly incentives for energy efficiency projects at the corporate level. Electrification projects will not be capped.
  2. PPN exclusivity: As a means to improve consumer experience, TVA is introducing PPN-exclusivity to the ERSB+I Programs. This requirement, which has been in place for lighting projects for some time, is now being expanded to all ERSB+I projects. Requiring that all project submissions go through a trained PPN member will result in many positive outcomes, including increased program efficiency, better lines of communication, better brand management and stronger relationships with PPN members.
  3. National account: The national account offering is being revamped to help streamline the participant experience. National accounts will now enroll so that we can recognize them officially as a national account partner. This allows them to choose their sites from a prepopulated database, and measures from a list of those most commonly installed. We will leverage their current TVA contact to help manage this transition. We will also leverage this role to more actively engage national accounts with the ERSB+I program and the associated local power company(LPC) to help better position the LPC as the trusted energy advisor.
  4. Project minimum: Through continual improvement of program processing and administrative costs we are able to reduce the minimum project requirement. The minimum project allowance for ERSB+I application is reducing to $150 estimated incentive per project. Previously the minimum was set at $500 estimated incentive to ensure that project processing costs were covered.
  5. Current program performance can be viewed through the Program Performance Portal available at www.tvaenergyrightsolutions.com. This portal was developed to keep local power companies and end-use customers better informed about participation in the ERSB+I Program. This portal will also be used to communicate any changes to incentive rates deemed necessary to maintain continuity of the program
  6. Additional program offerings could be available as revitalization, new construction and comfort optimization 

  7. Equipment purchased must meet specific energy requirements. 

  8. Incentives are capped at 70% of the materials cost per site application. 

  9. Projects must participate through a Preferred Partners Network (PPN) member 

  10. Engineering calculations and a scope of work may be required for complex custom projects. 

  11. For pre-approval projects, DO NOT purchase, remove or install any equipment until all pre-approval requirements are completed and you 
have received an Application Approval Notice via email.
  12. Equipment purchased must meet the minimum efficiency requirements listed for each measure. 

  13. Completion of pre- and post-installation inspections may be required. 

  14. All incentives are subject to TVA’s and your local power company’s approval and available funding. 

  15. Commercial and industrial local power company customers and TVA directly served customers may be eligible to apply for incentives. 

  16. Incentives are determined after pre-inspection and communicated in the Application Approval Notice via email. 

  17. For projects with incentive amounts greater than $100,000, TVA will work with you to determine an incentive offer that ensures consistent funding is available for all projects of all sizes.
  18. New construction projects qualify ONLY in the case where TVA determines fuel switching measures are being installed. 

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