Green Power Switch®

Want to do your part to support clean, renewable energy? Make the Green Power Switch.

Green Power Switch allows you to purchase renewable energy generated in the Tennessee Valley for as little as $4 more on your monthly bill. No contracts and no installation—just an additional charge on your monthly electric bill. Each $4 block you buy ensures that 150 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy is included in TVA’s electricity mix. With each Green Power block purchased, you’ll match your electricity use with solar, wind and biogas energy, allowing you to breathe a little easier knowing you're taking positive action to reduce your carbon footprint.

Small Price, Big Benefit

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See how blocks of Green Power Switch translate into real-life savings...and small sacrifices translate into big benefits. Try our Green Power Calculator.

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Green-e Energy

Green Power Switch and Green Power Switch SE RECs are Green-e Energy certified products, and meet the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

*Green-e Energy does not certify or verify carbon emissions claims or methodologies for calculating emissions related to biogas.


Success Stories

Going Green Pays Off

Goodrich Tullahoma uses TVA’s Green Power Switch program to maximum effect, investing in 1,000 blocks and offsetting its investment with energy efficiency measures devised by a TVA Comprehensive Services Program energy audit.

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