Montgomery-Clarksville, Tennessee

Transmission Project

TVA is making improvements to its transmission system that would provide power for growing load and increase power reliability in the Clarksville area.

TVA is proposing to build the new 12-mile Montgomery-Clarksville No. 3 161-kV Transmission Line and expand the Clarksville Primary 161-kV Substation to accommodate the new line. Seven miles of the existing Springfield-Clarksville 69-kV Transmission Line on existing 100-foot-wide right-of-way would be rebuilt to 161-kV standards using double-circuit structures to accommodate the new line to the existing Davidson-Montgomery 500-kV Transmission Line. Starting at this location, TVA would build five miles of double-circuit transmission line parallel to the existing 500-kV line to the Montgomery 500-kV Substation which would be expanded to accommodate the new line. Although TVA would use a portion of the existing right-of-way, an additional 60 feet of new right-of-way would be purchased for the new line. Also as part of this project, the Clarksville Department of Electricity would expand their East Clarksville 69-kV Substation to 161-kV, and TVA would add two switches near the substation.

The project is expected to be in service in December 2018. Construction is scheduled to begin December 2017. (Dates are subject to change -- unexpected issues may arise, resulting in the need to adjust the schedule.)

Update August 2017

Pre-construction activities will begin summer 2017 along some portions of the right of way.


TVA held an information in May 2015 day to provide information and answer questions about the proposed transmission project. TVA is committed to working with area stakeholders to address concerns during various stages of the project.


The map shows the area of the proposed transmission improvements. The map is also available below as a PDF file.


Possible routes of proposed transmission line (PDF, 8.2 mb)

If you have questions or need help understanding the map, please contact TVA.

Environmental reviews

The appropriate National Environmental Policy Act review has been conducted to ensure that the environmental impacts are minimized. TVA attempts to minimize any land requirements, private property impacts, and environmental impacts associated with this project.

Project schedule

(Dates are subject to change — unexpected issues may arise, resulting in the need to adjust the schedule.)

Information day May 28, 2015
Determine preferred route for field surveys winter 2015-16
Surveys of the right of way are scheduled to begin spring 2016
Easement purchases are scheduled to begin In progress
Pre-construction activities begin summer 2017
Construction is scheduled to begin December 2017
Project in service December 2018


More information may be obtained from the following.

For right of way or vegetation questions:

Casey Henley
Right of Way Forester
Office - 615-781-4782
Cell - 615-351-8336

For transmission construction questions:

Brent Taylor
Project Manager
423-751-3576 (w)
256-710-2122 (m)