NABCEP Installer List

Green Power Providers solar systems approved by TVA on or after January 1, 2013, must be installed by an individual who either (1) is a NABCEP PV Installation Professional, or (2) holds an Associate-Level NABCEP Certification. Individuals interested in learning more about NABCEP Certification Programs can visit, which also provides a listing of institutions that offer training classes.

TVA provides this list as a courtesy to its customers and all information is voluntarily provided by the listed individuals. No TVA endorsement, whether directly or indirectly, is intended or implied thereby by listing these providers and their services. This list is provided for information only, and TVA makes no representation, claim, guarantee, assurance or warranty of any kind whatsoever concerning the fitness of a particular installer. Reliance on this guidance is taken at the customer’s own risk. It is recommended that you also visit for a full list of PV Installation Professionals.

If you are (1) located in one of the Valley’s seven states, (2) are either a NABCEP PV Installation Professional or hold an Associate-Level NABCEP certification and (3) your name is not listed here, please send a copy of your certificate/achievement award along with your contact information to Your name may be added to the list once TVA has reviewed the completeness and accuracy of the information provided.

NABCEP Certified Installer

Individual Company Company Website Telephone
Allen, Patrick Bolt Energy/Bolt Ride, Inc. 731-325-6797
Andrews, George Solar Source of Georgia N/A 770-584-6154
Archibald, Jr., A. Morton  Affordable Energy Solutions N/A 256-658-5189
Ball, William (Bill) Stellar Sun 501-993-0032
Bauer, Edward Zuercher Electric Company N/A 931-484-8245
Beck Stein, Aur Advanced Energy Solutions 618-893-1717
Bergquist, Daryl  Earth Steward Solar Consulting 205-429-3088
Walt Marusak AEG Power Solutions 404-307-8447
Bruce, Andrew Bruce Electric
Wilderness Trac Solar
N/A 270-324-3537
Burkert, William William Burkert, LLC N/A 919-525-5778
Butler, Michael (Mike) Efficient Energy of Tennessee, LLC 865-947-3386
Byrd, Keesler Jr. KC Byrd Electrical Contractor, Inc. 828-652-2818
Casey, Conor Accelerate Solar 877-997-7652
Chiariello, Steve Inman Solar 404-502-1915
Clarke, Phelps Sugar Hollow Solar, Inc. 828-776-9161
Cordova-Valenzuela, Francisco Day & Night Solar 618-344-4001
Cotter, Darrell Zuercher Electric Company N/A 931-261-3526
Cromer, John-Ross Community Solar 281-660-3116
Dufon, Matthew Sundance Power Systems, Inc. 828-645-2080
Earp, Scott Southern View Energy 678-833-5191
Eichhorn, Thom Spectrum Solutions Inc. 256-799-2439
Ellison, Matthew ARiES Energy, LLC 865-742-4684
Freeman, Keith Coastal Solar 912-332-1109
Furze, Steven Vulcan Solar Power, LLC 205-679-8666
Gale, Richard Creative Solar 770-485-7438
Gibson, Billy Maynard Select Geothermal and Solar, Select Solar, LLC 615-691-0525
Gunther, Eric Eden Energy, LLC 423-316-3286
Hayes, Timothy Powerhouse, LLC 615-796-3512
Heck, Matthew LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Hodge, Daniel LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Huddleston, Ian Greene Tech Renewable Energy, LLC 423-422-4348
Huebner, Pieter Off Grid Enterprises 405-202-5359
Jaeger, Karl  Lightwave Solar 615-641-4050
James, Garrett  Solar Energy Pioneers 270-843-0009
Johnson, Bryan Lead in Green N/A 615-351-9559
Johnson, Steve  Lightwave Solar 615-641-4050
Jones, Billy Jones Electrical and Solar N/A 931-273-5314
Jones, Myron (Tommy) Solar Energy Pioneers 270-843-0009
Key, Paul Sunway Energy Solutions, LLC 270-227-2060
Kirby, Byron Kirby Electric 256-777-7176
Klarer, Ezra Solar Energy Solutions, LLC 877-312-7458
Krebs, Art Krebs Ventures, LLC dba ConstructionArt 770-329-4271
Lizzio, William Sr. Custom Smart Homes 423-791-0191
Lofton, Christian Renewable Energy Design Group 980-328-0440
Lovins, David Lovins Electric  N/A 770-864-6568
Luna, Clay 180 Solar 931-629-9490
MacIsaac, Jason ARiES Energy, LLC 503-380-2905
Marte, Pete Hannah Solar, LLC 404-609-7005
McGrath, Christopher Sundance Power Systems, Inc. 828-645-2080
McKenzie, Patrick Sundial Solar Power Developers, Inc N/A
Merritt, Clinton Driven, LLC 270-929-5302
Miles, Perry Miles Electric, Inc. 404-759-7021
Milsaps, James Mills Electric N/A 423-545-9445
Mitchell, Samuel Mitchell Development, LLC N/A 276-608-0162
Morton, Brad Morton Solar, LLC 812-402-0900
Noethen, Scott Appalachian Renewable Resources 865-300-3335
Novak, Bill Tropenas Company 615-538-8519
O'Donnell, Andrew Renu Energy Solutions 704-525-6767
Olinyk, Lucas Harvest Energy Solutions 270-437-3030
Partymiller, Matthew Solar Energy Solutions, LLC 877-312-7456
Pelerossi, Matthew LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Perry, Daniel Zuercher Electric Company N/A 931-200-3325
Plumlee, Jon LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Pritchard, Ty Tungsten Electric, LLC N/A 615-491-0206
Provence, Kelly Solairgen 706-867-0678
Reid, Bryden Zuercher Electric Company N/A 931-337-2012
Revell, Brian Sunvolt Electric & Renewable Energy, Inc.
Collaborative Solar
Richter, Flint Richter Solar Energy N/A 479-871-3029
Robinson, John LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Scarborough, William Bolt Energy 858-472-9932
Schmerl, Michael Harvest Energy Solutions 270-437-3030
Schram, Patrick (Harris) Power Home Solar, LLC.  704-800-6239
Senger, Stewart Carolina Mountain Solar, LLC 828-835-0015
Shearburn, Chris Southern Solar Systems 256-883-9848
Smith, Alex Solar Energy Solutions, LLC 877-312-7458
Smith, Harry Sundance Power Systems, Inc. 828-645-2080
Stephenson, Riley Sundance Power Systems, Inc. 828-645-2080
Suddoth, Timothy LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Tripp, Thomas Big Frog Mountain Corporation 877-232-1580
Valentine, John (Johnny) Gain Solar Services 770-843-3497
Velker, Jay (Randy) Simple Energy Works 931-287-9288
Whitley, J.R. 690 Electric, LLC N/A 919-314-7749
Williams, Ernie  Mainstream Green Solutions, LLC 731-697-1665
Williams, Troy GES Solar 865-769-7337
Wilson, Chris C M Wilson, Inc. 828-230-6238
Wolf, Gary Sundog Solar Energy, LLC
Tennessee Valley Alternative Energy
Womack, Brandt Sitara Electric, LLC 865-850-8427
Zubko, Edward GES Solar 865-769-7337

NABCEP Associate Level Program

Anderson, Justin Energy Source Partners 615-383-8228
Avrit, Clifford N/A N/A 615-325-7674
Bell, Jeffrey Solar Energy USA 770-364-5534
Bennett, Joe Eagle Solar & Light, LLC 205-202-2208
Boggs, Chuck Ace, LLC Solar 931-638-4638
Boggs, William Ace, LLC Solar 256-998-1572
Bryant, Aaron ABC Investments LLC N/A 423-544-6227
Bunnag, Sumanote N/A N/A 423-619-0405
Cannon, William Enertech Inc. - Renewable Energy N/A 423-521-5641
Carney, Jason Energy Electives, LLC 615-669-3671
Carter, Brandon Sol Invictus, LLC
Green Owl Energy Solutions
Carter Sr., James Z. Marsec Evaluation Services N/A 256-683-8554
Corbitt, Dwight Dickson Solar Systems N/A 615-828-1013
Doyle, James Moss Electric Incorporated 615-826-0581
Fondren, Elvage N/A N/A 662-710-4075
Free, David Solar Technology Alabama 256-482-2063
Hegman, William Mississippi Solar, LLC 601-656-6161
Huff, Justin LightWave Solar 615-641-4050
Hughes, Charles All Things Solar N/A 423-339-5593
Jackson, Barry  Awesome Affordable Solar 270-627-4551
Keen, Steven Keen Electric and Solar N/A 706-897-0615
King, Stefan True Energy USA, LLC 678-520-0033
Kirk, John Coastal Solar 256-338-6281
Kutsch, Kevin Double Star Solar LLC dba Solar Star Energy 615-870-7376
Leonard, Edward Leonard Splaine Heating and Air Conditioning 703-494-2855
Mignogna, Lawrence Keylink Innovative Technology www.kelinkit.cN/Am 615-541-9511
Minchey, Jackie N/A N/A 850-375-3650
Nothnagle, Brian Huntsville Solar Works 256-701-1425
Ozols, Robert Vulcan Solar Power, LLC 205-767-4846
Paschal, Jonathan Kycore, LLC N/A 270-783-5382
Patel, Darshan True Energy USA, LLC 678-520-0034
Presson, Kelvin Son Solar 731-446-7079
Roden, Anthony (Dale) Tri-State Electrical Contractors 423-800-2134
Scroggins, Robert Energy Source Partners 615-383-8228
Shelton, DJ GreenForm Solar N/A 855-877-5908
Shelton, Joseph Glenn Lloyd's Electric Service, Inc. 865-692-6700
Stansell, John Gridcom Solar, LLC 423-315-2074
Stewart, Michael Solar Power Solutions, LLC N/A 662-665-4679
Wilbanks, John Mississippi Solar, LLC 662-552-0440

NABCEP™ is a trademark exclusively owned and controlled by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Inc. NABCEP does not sponsor and is not affiliated with any activities performed, or programs administered, by TVA.