Green Flex

Thousands of businesses and institutions across the nation are purchasing RECs as a way to demonstrate their concrete interest in clean, renewable energy. TVA is offering you a chance to purchase RECs through its Green Flex program.

RECs—or renewable energy certificates—represent one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generated and added and delivered to the power grid. When you purchase a REC, you are buying the legal right to the renewable energy generated from the energy generator.

TVA is offering Green Flex, a new program that allows businesses and institutions inside the Valley to buy in. When you buy Green Flex, you are able to make renewable energy claims, which allow you to show your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. The RECs purchased through the program are delivered to the Valley along with the renewable energy, and the cost of the RECs is added to your regular electricity bill.

One Purchase, Multiple Benefits

When you buy Green Flex, you receive multiple benefits. You’ll:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of your carbon footprint
  • Show your support for renewable energy development
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Generate customer, investor and/or stakeholder loyalty
  • Create positive publicity and enhance your public image
  • Demonstrate significant civic leadership

Green Flex gives your organization the ability to make renewable energy claims, and allow you to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. 

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Green-e Energy


Green Flex is a Green-e Energy certified product, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at