TVA's Decreasing Carbon Emissions Help Customers Compete

To many, May was all about the Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500. For TVA and many of its customers it was also sustainability reporting time. The good news is that directly served customers and local power companies will learn that their carbon footprints have shrunk from last year.

That’s important for those companies that report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in corporate sustainability reports, SEC filings and to public disclosure organizations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

TVA’s unique CO2 emissions rate accounting is recognized as a best business practice by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and EcoVadis (a European sustainability reporting organization). TVA provides large industrials with emission rates based on their actual energy consumption profile, delivering a competitive edge because their carbon numbers are significantly lower than the EPA regional and national averages formerly used by most companies.

  • For 2015, TVA’s average as-delivered (Scope 2) CO2 emission rate for LPCs is 1005.08 lbs/MWh.
  • Most of our direct-served industrial customers are well under 1000 lbs/MWh.
  • This carbon emission rate is consistent with generally accepted voluntary carbon accounting standards and reflects TVA’s renewable energy credit adjustment, which resulted in a reduction of 2.89 percent in the as-delivered CO2 lbs/MWh rate.

“These are good numbers that position TVA and our customers well,” said Brenda Brickhouse, TVA’s vice president of Environmental & Energy Policy and chief sustainability officer.

She added, “With Watts Bar Nuclear Unit 2 coming on line, greater coal-to-gas shifting and increasing renewables, TVA carbon emissions are likely to drop below 700 lbs/MWh in the ~2020 time frame.”

Learn more about TVA’s work in carbon competitiveness here.