East Region Consolidation – Norris Properties Environmental Assessment

On January 17, 2019, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) issued a Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) evaluating Phase I of the relocation of portions of TVA operations into one location to improve space utilization and to reduce TVA cyclic operations and maintenance and capital project costs consistent with TVA’s real estate strategy. The project would consolidate similar functions to achieve work process efficiencies while fostering greater synergies among employees. TVA is proposing to relocate the Inspection, Testing, Monitoring and Analysis (ITMA) program from Summer Place Building, aquatic laboratory (lab) from Walnut Orchard, water quality lab from the Greenway Area Office building (Greenway), and associated equipment storage needs to the Norris Engineering Lab Complex (Engineering Lab).

The consolidation would proceed in two phases. Phase 1 would be focused on interior renovations of structures at the Engineering Lab, and exterior work focused primarily in the southern and eastern portions of the property. Phase 1 exterior actions include the demolition of two small boat sheds and Building I, clearing of trees, installation of lights and cameras for security, construction of a stormwater detention pond,  trenching and groundwork in the vicinity of Buildings B and I, repaving/reconfiguring of parking areas, and construction of a new boat shed(s) in the vicinity of Building I. Phase 2 would be driven by security updates needed to bring the facility into compliance with current TVA security measures and protocols. Phase 2 would also address any additional consolidation related actions that may be necessary as a result of TVA’s ongoing evaluation of the condition of the existing facilities and program needs.

The purpose of this assessment was to evaluate the impacts of the proposed consolidation and the Phase I activities. The EA evaluates two alternatives: (A) to take no action and (B) consolidate portions of TVA operations to the Engineering Lab located in Norris, Tennessee. TVA’s preferred alternative is Alternative B – Phase I Engineering Lab Consolidation. A significant number of laboratory functions are already present at the Engineering Lab. The facilities at the Engineering Lab are more conducive to renovation and functional expansion than the facilities at Walnut Orchard. Additionally, operational and maintenance efforts could be reduced by consolidating functions into the Engineering Lab.

TVA concluded that implementing Alternative B would not be a major federal action significantly affecting the environment. Therefore, TVA has issued the FONSI.

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