Johnsonville Fossil Plant Proposed Actions

Coal Yard and Coal Yard Runoff Pond Closure, Construction of a Process Water Basin, and Development of a Borrow Site

TVA requests your comments on the Draft EA for the closure of the Johnsonville Fossil Plant (JOF) coal yard and coal yard runoff pond, construction and operation of a process water basin for the Johnsonville Combustion Turbine (JCT) plant site, and development of a borrow site to facilitate closure of the coal yard and coal yard runoff pond, as well as to support other proposed projects currently being evaluated under separate reviews.

As of December 2017, the coal-fired generating units at JOF are all retired. With the closure of the coal-fired generating units, the coal yard and coal yard runoff pond can be closed. In addition, TVA needs to manage stormwater and non-coal combustion residual process water from the JCT. Therefore, TVA is evaluating the three possible locations for construction of a process water basin. Two potential locations are located within the current footprint of the coal yard project area and one is located within the area known as the north rail loop. TVA is also considering developing a borrow site on nearby property owned by TVA to provide fill material to support the closure of the coal yard and coal yard runoff pond and other possible future projects at JOF.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine the best alternative with regard to the proposed actions. The draft EA evaluates four alternatives: (A) to take no action; (B) coal yard material consolidation and cap closure; (C) coal yard full cap closure; or (D) coal yard remove material and close. TVA’s preferred alternative is Alternative B, consolidation of the remaining coal yard material from the south side of the coal yard into the north side of the coal yard followed by capping the consolidated material.

Submitting Comments

Your comments are invited on Draft EA. Comments may be submitted online, mailed, or e-mailed to Mr. White at the addresses below. To be considered, comments must be received no later than January 21, 2019. Please note that any comments received, including names and addresses, will become part of the project administrative record and will be available for public inspection.

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