Watts Bar Reservoir Tract WBR-82 (Iron Hill Island) Bank Stabilization Project

Rhea County, Tennessee

On March 31, 2016, TVA completed an environmental assessment (EA) and issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the proposed placement of rock riprap along 490 feet of shoreline at Iron Hill Island (Tract WBR-82) located on Watts Bar Reservoir, Tennessee River Mile 539R in Rhea County, Tennessee. The project is intended to stabilize the shoreline and banks of the island and reduce the amount of sediment entering the reservoir waters. Erosion of the shoreline is increasing, primarily due to the increasing presence of boats producing higher wakes on the reservoir. The proposal supports and is consistent with TVA’s mission of environmental stewardship, the objectives for water resource management in the TVA Natural Resources Plan and TVA’s management goals set forth in TVA’s 2009 Watts Bar Reservoir Land Management Plan.

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For more information about the environmental review contact:

Matthew Higdon
NEPA Specialist

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