Proposed Commercial Recreation Easement on Kentucky Reservoir

November 13, 2017

TVA is considering a request to grant a 30-year commercial recreation easement over 81.41 acres of TVA land at Wildcat Campground, currently under a lease agreement, on Kentucky Reservoir. The operation is located on the left bank of Wildcat Creek in Calloway County, Kentucky. Mr. Francis Whitfill (operator) has requested that TVA grant a 30-year commercial recreation easement for the continued operation of the campground. The requested easement would grant long-term land rights to the operator for the use of TVA property.

TVA is interested in receiving comments regarding the action’s potential to affect the environment or historic properties and to identify any other issues associated with this request. Any comments received, including names and addresses, will become part of the administrative record and will be available for public inspection. All written comments on this proposed action must be received on or before December 13, 2017. Written comments may be faxed, mailed to the address below or e-mailed to

Lesley White
Tennessee Valley Authority
2835-A East Wood Street
Paris, Tennessee 38242
Fax (731)642-0754