Nickajack Reservoir Land Management Plan

Nickajack Reservoir is an impoundment of the Tennessee River formed by Nickajack Dam, which is located at Tennessee River mile 427.7. Nickajack Reservoir is situated in Hamilton and Marion counties in east Tennessee.

The scope of the Nickajack Reservoir Land Management Plan (RLMP) is the 3,604.8 acres of TVA-managed land lying above full-pool elevation. The Nickajack RLMP contains a regional overview, information about the environment around the reservoir and descriptions of each parcel of land. The reservoir property is divided into parcels, and each parcel is assigned a single land use allocation zone.

Nickajack Reservoir Land Management Plan

Final Environmental Impact Statement


Individual parcel allocations can be examined on the maps below:

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Reservoir Land Management Plan Viewer:

Land Allocation Acreage

TVA land around Nickajack Reservoir has been allocated for certain land uses as indicated in the table below.

Allocation Designation*  Acreage
Zone 2 Project Operations 1,187.4
Zone 3 Sensitive Resource Management 1,356.7
Zone 4 Natural Resource Conservation 822.4
Zone 5 Industrial 85.5
Zone 6 Developed Recreation 152.1
Zone 7 Shoreline Access 0.7
Total 3,604.8

*Zone 1 is Non-TVA Shoreland with TVA land rights and does not change as a result of the lands planning process.