A Guide to TVA Trails

We’ve got trails to suit every interest and experience level, so whether your looking for an easy stroll, planning your first mountain bike ride or craving a challenging climb, we’ve got you covered.

Scenic vistas? Check. Birdwatching wonderlands? Check. Wildflower walks? Check. We've even got trails that lead to premium hunting grounds (in season), fishing holes and backcountry campsites.

Here are some things to remember while you're planning your next trail adventure:

  • Trails may be loops or they may be out-and-back trails. Some trails may have more than one trailhead, or may require you to shuttle between trailheads. Check the online maps to be sure you know before you go.
  • Some trails are part of a system of interconnected trails that give you an opportunity to select your route according to your skill level, endurance or just how much time you have to spend in the outdoors.
  • All trails here allow for foot traffic, some allow bicycling and there is one horse trail.
  • TVA trails include two-way traffic, so please watch out for an be courteous to others you might meet on the trail.
  • TVA opens new trails, closes trails for repairs and changes trails to ensure we're giving users the best possible experience while also taking care of the Valley's natural resource, so check back here for the latest information.

Beach Trail
Big Ridge Trail
Buck Island Trail
Cave Mountain Trail
Chatuge Dam Trail
Cherokee Cross Country Trail
Cooley Cemetery Trail
Dandridge Partnership Trail
East Lakeshore Baker Hollow Branch
East Lakeshore Sinking Creek Branch
East Lakeshore Trail
Fooshee Trail
Forest City Trail
Hall Bend Trail
Hemlock Bluff Trail
Honeycomb Trail
Johnson Ridge Trail
Lady's Bluff Trail
Little Cedar Mountain Trail
Loyston Loop Trail
Loyston Point Trails
Marbut Bend Trails
Melton Hill Dam Trail
Mill Creek Loop Trail
Muscle Shoals Jogging Trail
Muscle Shoals Old First Quarters Trail
Muscle Shoals Reservation Trails
Muscle Shoals Rockpile Trail
Muscle Shoals Waterfall Walk
Nottely Tailwater Trail
Overlook Trail
Raccoon Mountain Live Wire 1 Trail
Raccoon Mountain Small Intestine Trail
Raccoon Mountain Trails
River Bluff Trail
Songbird Trail
South Holston Osceola Island Trail
South Holston Tailwater Trails
Trotter Bluff Trail
Whites Creek Trail
Worthington Cemetery Trail

Trail Safety

Minimize risks and maximize fun. Get tips for keeping yourself—and the environment around you—safe and sound while you're out on a hike. Read more about trail safety.

Small Wild Areas

Sixteen of TVA's trails wind through Small Wild Areas, nature preserves that offer stunning views and access to rich natural resources. Click here to find a Small Wild Area trail.

Hiking in the Wild

Trails through TVA's Small Wild Areas let Tennessee Valley residents get up close and personal with some of the most exceptional natural and scenic resources in the region. There are sixteen ways to go "where the wild things are." Find a Small Wild Area trail near you.

Get Even Wilder

If Small Wild Areas sound too tame for you, perhaps you'd like to forge your own trail own trail through even wilder lands. You can walk freely in the woods on the nearly 293,000 acres of the undeveloped land TVA manages Valleywide as part of its mission of service. Learn more about this land—and see our Undeveloped Recreation Map—on our Recreation on Undeveloped TVA Public Lands page.