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Who Should Apply Online?

  • Those seeking permits to build minor or major facilities including boat docks, piers, boathouses, fences, steps, commercial marinas, community docks, barge terminals and mooring cells, utility crossings, culverts, roads, wastewater discharges, sewage outfalls, water intakes, dredging, and placement and fills.
  • Those seeking reissuance of existing TVA permits following a change in ownership.
  • Those seeking permission for activities not occurring on a TVA reservoir but within TVA jurisdiction (off-reservoir projects).

Who Should Not Apply Online?

Applicants for 26a permits on Boone Reservoir should call TVA’s Public Land Information Center at (800) 882-5263 prior to starting the online application process.

Construction permits associated with a TVA land use application should not be submitted online. Examples include commercials marinas and industrial applications that require a TVA land use agreement such as easements, licenses, etc.

You may also need additional permits from your state's office of water quality (see links at right) and/or the US Army Corps of Engineers. If you need a permit from your state's water quality office, TVA may not be able to issue the your 26a permit until you receive your water quality permit or a waiver.  Please contact your state's water quality office early in the process to minimize delays in receiving your 26a permit.

Contact TVA at (800) 882-5263 for information about submitting these applications.

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