Detailed Testing at Boone to Improve Construction Flow

Auger drills, sampling and testing sensors evaluate the effectiveness of Boone Dam repairs to date, as subtle changes to repair schedule are made to optimize construction activity.

APRIL 6, 2017—Additional sensors are currently being installed and exploratory drilling conducted to provide more detailed data on the progress of the underground repair work at Boone Dam. Auger drills and test rigs are working all around Boone’s earthen embankment to perform in-situ tests and recover soil samples for subsequent laboratory testing. “This work provides us with more detailed data on the progress and impacts of the underground repair work completed to date,” says civil engineering manager Patrick Kiser. “We are optimizing the project in order to move as safely, effectively and quickly as possible.”


Additional changes at Boone Dam include the removal of the white dome over the former grout plant. Also, fewer workers are onsite because the contractor for drilling and grouting work has demobilizing during the testing and evaluation work. We are also considering moving ahead with construction of a downstream rock and sand berm that will provide additional support to the embankment as we proceed with construction. An upstream berm was already planned for installation later this year.
Changing the order of planned activities is a normal part of major construction projects, and such changes were anticipated in the expected five-to-seven year timing of the Boone Project plan. We will continue to monitor data and make adjustments as necessary.