Drilling Resumes on Boone Dam

AUGUST 1, 2017—Sonic drill rigs working more than 100 feet below surface are back onsite at Boone Dam. They mobilized July 10 to begin testing the effectiveness of the slurry cells or rows of grout. Project Manager Sam Vinson said a lot of progress has been made during the past year and a half of work. About 800 holes have been drilled and grouted in the earthen embankment and will provide important data for the remainder of the project and for the final design.

workers and drilling rig

With over 650,000 man hours already logged on the project,  Vinson said plenty of new construction is underway at Boone Dam. He said neighbors will see an upsurge in truck traffic in the area as upstream berm construction begins this month, continuing through spring. Approximately 250,000 tons of stone from a local quarry near Tri-Cities Airport will be used to add stability to the upstream side of the earthen embankment.
Planning is also underway for construction of a downstream berm according to Vinson. He noted that as many local vendors as possible are being used on the project.
The final repair to Boone Dam will be the construction of the cutoff wall under the dam.