Engineering Expertise at Boone Dam: Meet Scottie Barrentine, PE

FEBRUARY 5, 2017—When he has a spare moment—and there are not many of those!—Scottie Barrentine cheers on his beloved Auburn Tigers. He was one of the first TVA engineers on the scene at Boone Dam in October 2014. Barrentine—who was awarded the TVA Safety, River Management and Environment Business Unit’s Engineer of the Year Award in 2015—leads the team of Boone Dam engineers.

people in hard hats

He has worked for TVA in dam safety for the last six years as a geotechnical specialist, and has been the lead engineer for several dam investigations, remediation designs and modifications, including the investigation and remediation design for the Boone Dam Seepage Mitigation Project. Before joining TVA, Barrentine was a consulting engineer specializing in geotechnical engineering, instrumentation, non-destructive testing and materials. He also is a licensed contractor in three states and has worked for both general construction contractors and civil earthwork contractors. He will be doing a presentation called “Safety First: Boone Dam” at the State Environmental Conference in Kingsport.

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TVA Engineer Scottie Barrentine with a low mobility grout sample.