Q + A from our Boone Mail: You Ask, We Answer

Question: Why are there some days when I do not see work on the lake (upstream) side of the dam? And why are you working in the day only?

FEBRUARY 5, 2017—The construction of the upstream and downstream berms follow a particular engineering sequence designed to protect the earthen dam while safely creating the berms. The work started on the upstream side but has now shifted to the downstream side of the project.

The work you’ve seen recently on the upstream side is in preparation to shift berm construction back to that area later this spring.

equipment working on construction site

Large trucks and heavy equipment move rock from Boone Dam’s upstream to downstream side for downstream berm construction.

As for working overnight, the nature of the berm construction and the locations where it is currently being performed make it unsafe to move heavy equipment and rock at night. When we complete the berm construction and begin construction of the cutoff wall we will again return to overnight work.

In addition to the safety of our workers, our top concern is the safety of the people downstream.