Slurry Cell Testing, Drilling Wraps Up at Boone Dam

NOVERMBER 7, 2017—Drills are temporarily gone from the top of Boone Dam now that slurry cell testing is complete. Over the past few months, engineers and geologists have been conducting tests to evaluate the underground grout curtain’s abilities to contain slurry and to provide stability during cutoff wall construction.

workers missing grout in a big container

During slurry cell testing, grout is pumped from satellite plants (pictured) and injected into the dam.

“The preliminary results are in and they look good in terms of the grout curtain’s ability to contain the slurry,” said project manager Sam Vinson. “This is extremely important to know in advance of building the wall.” A diagram of the proposed diaphragm wall shows how TVA is helping to strengthen Boone Dam against erosion or seepage under the embankment.