Look at All the Little Piggies

“Pig in a blanket” has a new meaning this winter, thanks to TVA!

DECEMBER 19, 2016—Providing customers with energy-smart solutions is the primary mission of TVA’s EnergyRight® Solutions for Business and Industry (ERSB+I) team—even when the solutions are needed to address unique problems. Take, for example, an issue faced by E.M. Heard & Sons Donut Farm, a pig farm located in Auburn, KY.


According to farm co-owner Eric Heard, for years pig farmers have been seeking a solution to piglets clumping too closely to the sow for her body heat, which led to many of the small bodies being crushed. To cut down on that loss and decrease energy usage at the same time, Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation partnered with TVA and ERSB+I Preferred Provider Network member Cape Electrical Supply to provide a unique fix—Kane heating pads.

These pads are designed to provide evenly distributed warmth as well as plenty of room for the piglets in the farrowing areas. By conducting a one-for-one replacement of 192 heat lamps with the heating mats in the pig farm box, E.M. Heard & Sons is saving both piglets and more than 225,000 kWh annually.

“Not only do the mats save piglets, we also save a tremendous amount on our energy cost,” Heard explained.

“The mats were a good investment and will pay for themselves. I appreciate all that TVA has done to help in the completion of this project.”