2018 News

Getting Back to Our Roots

TVA Natural Resources professionals are working together with the University of Tennessee on a partnership project that is reminiscent of a hallmark piece of TVA’s original stewardship mission: reforestation.

Cleaner Future for 280,000 More Valley Homes

What if we could reduce our carbon footprint and generate more, low-cost, reliable energy without building a new plant? That’s exactly what’s happening at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, Ala.

Heavy Rains, No Problem

With up to seven inches of rain in many locations over the past seven days, TVA’s River Management teams worked around the clock to avert flood damages across the Valley.

Modern Pricing = Lower Bills in Extreme Weather

Who doesn’t want to save money? With TVA’s upcoming rate change, you may well be paying less during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

New John Sevier Boat Ramp Now Open

Ready to get your fish on in Hawkins County, Tenn.? Check out the new boat ramp near Rogersville—a great place to catch bass, stripe, crappie, bluegill and more.

Events: Weed Wrangles in Muscle Shoals and Chattanooga

Kudzu views got you down? Join your fellow citizen volunteers and help round up invasive and nuisance plants in Muscle Shoals, Ala., and Chattanooga, Tenn., on March 3rd and 17th, respectively.

Helping Farmers Thrive

TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions program is offering incentives for farmers to trade their diesel irrigation systems in for electric ones. One farmer who did saw a 250 percent increase in his crop yield.

TVA Adopts the Code of Excellence

TVA and the Trades and Labor Council for Annual Employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority are proud to adopt the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Code of Excellence.

For Some at TVA, It’s Groundhog Day Every Day

Just in time for Groundhog Day, take a look at all the nuisance animals TVA must deal with—from beavers and coyotes to ospreys and vultures—and the measures it takes to help peacefully find them new homes.

Help for High Power Bills

Thanks to last month’s bitter cold weather, many Valley power customers are likely to experience a little sticker shock when they see their January electricity bill. It’s the perfect time to take positive action to lower future bills.

The Artist With a Camera

When TVA set out to transform life in the Tennessee Valley, Charles Krutch made it his personal mission to capture the process on film. The resulting photographs were acclaimed as high art.

Check out New Series Tennessee Valley Uncharted

It’s exploration. It’s discovery. It’s adventure. It’s surprise. It’s a wholesale embrace of all the things that make the Tennessee Valley unique. It’s Tennessee Valley Uncharted, a new series airing on PBS.

Casting a Wide Net

TVA joins with TWRA to help fund the Etnier Ichthyology Endowment at the University of Tennessee in support of funding research on and improving aquatic diversity among the fishes of Tennessee.

Freezing Temps May Reduce Water Weeds

Bitter cold temperatures across the Valley may cause some people to worry about their plumbing, but for recreational boaters and swimmers who battle water weeds in area lakes, the freeze has been a good thing.

Frigid Temperatures Beat Peak Load Records

The morning peak power demand was officially a whopping 31,639 megawatts on January 17. But on January 18th, it was even higher, coming in at the sixth all-time winter spot with 32,513 megawatts.

Winter Weather Saving Strategies

As the temperature drops and cold winter weather rules, your heating system is working hard to keep you comfortable. Don't worry—you can take steps to keep yourself cozy and save money despite the frigid weather.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter land condition assessments help TVA’s Natural Resource group discourage illegal and destructive behavior while planning positive actions that will improve the environment.

On in a Hot Minute

Twelve minutes is how long it takes to fire up a combustion turbine gas plant and tie it to the power grid. These not-so-secret weapons in TVA’s generating arsenal are used to meet peaking power demand on the coldest days.

Solar Insight for the Valley

Check out our new Tennessee Valley Solar Calculator, which uses regional information to calculate rates, your real investment, system performance and more to help you decide whether solar is the right choice for you.

TVA Takes Johnsonville Fossil Plant Offline

With a spirit of pride and quiet reflection on the success of TVA’s oldest fossil plant, employees took the last four operating units of Johnsonville Fossil Plant offline on December 31, 2017, after 66 years of service.

2017 News

One Great Place to Work

We’ve always known that TVA is a terrific place to work. Now it’s official: TVA has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the best large employers in America.

Lighting Your Festive Nights

Go ahead and dance, play music, light your tree and celebrate the holidays your way. TVA will be there to keep the power flowing, so you can keep making memories that will last a lifetime.

Count the Birds this Christmas

The National Audubon Society conducts a yearly bird count—an early-winter bird census, where thousands of volunteers across the U.S., Canada and many countries in the Western Hemisphere go out over a 24-hour period on one calendar day to count birds.

Powering World War II

The thought probably never crossed the minds of Axis war planners, but America’s World War II arsenal included a potent secret weapon: TVA.

TVA Finalizes Study for Future Storage of Coal Ash at Shawnee Fossil Plant

TVA is planning for the continued operation of Shawnee Fossil Plant in West Paducah, Ky., with the construction of a new onsite dry storage area for coal ash and other coal combustion residuals at the plant.

Duck, Duck, Goose

The Tennessee Valley—located as it is in the east coast migration flyway zone—is the perfect place for hunting waterfowl. Here, six TVA hunting experts share their best tips for bagging the birds.

Safer, Swifter Dam Inspections

New sonar technology lets Dam Safety inspectors see on and around dams to identify potential problems without ever leaving the boat.

TVA Shops Local

To help boost the regional economy, TVA focused 80 percent of its spending on Valley-based businesses in 2017. Read about TVA’s ongoing commitment to small, diverse and local businesses.

Clean Water, New Fish

Welcome to the Valley! TVA aquatic biologists introduce a new fish species in tributary streams to the Duck River in middle Tennessee: the Tennessee Logperch (Percina apina).

Colorful Autumn Hikes

The Tennessee Valley is at its best when fall brings out glorious color in the trees. Here are six spectacular hikes that even the most jaded leafers will absolutely love.

Never Be Too Cool for Robotics

As a high school student, Patrick Jung thought he was too cool for the robotics program. Today, he regards robotics as the best thing that ever happened to him. Find out why he changed his mind, and how robotics changed his life.

The Weather Channeler

TVA’s senior program manager of Short-Term Load Planning and in-house meteorologist Jeff House keeps the agency’s operations lean and mean by accurately reporting the hourly weather 24 hours in advance.

TVA Inspires STEM Curiosity

Eleanor Roosevelt said “I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be—curiosity.” Learn how TVA is helping inspire curiosity by partnering with the Science Alliance of Tennessee.

A Doorway to Hope

You may not know Emma Lindsey of Humboldt, Tenn., but she is one of the most important people in the Tennessee Valley—and the work she does behind this humble door saves lives. Here's why.

The Power of Reliability

During a tour of Bridgestone Warren County Plant in Morrison, Tenn., TVA employees got a chance to witness the power of their mission in motion.

The Topography of War

The cartographers of TVA’s Maps and Surveys division were among the most admired mapmakers in the country. And that was before they played an important part in winning World War II.

Mississippi’s Golden Boy

President Kennedy said, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” It’s amazing what one man can do to turn a flagging regional economy around—with energy, a can-do attitude and little help from his friends.

Why Did the Trout Cross the Road?

Because TVA and its partners made it possible by restoring a stream beneath a bridge in Unicoi County, Tenn., to more natural conditions, opening up miles of habitat for native brook trout.

A Dam for the People

Wilson Dam was built for WWI, but the war ended before it could spin up its turbines. After years spent in limbo, the dam gained new purpose with the founding of TVA.

Paradise Redux

A scheduled outage at Paradise Fossil Plant provides an opportunity to perform routine maintenance—and make a major operations upgrade that will boost performance and reliability for years to come.

You, Naturalist

Download the app iNaturalist and join TVA in its mission of stewardship, connecting with nature and helping to catalog the Tennessee Valley’s amazing biodiversity.

Going with the Slow Flow

As summer gives way to a dry and hot early fall, lake levels continue to drop as TVA works to meet its system minimum flows for navigation, power production and water quality.

Public Power Transforms Real Lives

TVA’s history is inextricably linked with FDR’s New Deal. But to really grasp the depth and breadth of TVA's great work, you have to look beyond the politics to the ways electricity transformed real lives.

Weatherproofing Works

TVA’s Extreme Energy Makeovers program has made a big difference in the lives of low income ratepayers. Now, thanks to involvement from local power companies, communities and federal programs, the good work will continue.

What’s in Your Creel?

What's in your creel? With this one simple question, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency’s Reservoir regional fishery management team can determine the health of Tennessee’s fish populations.

A Water Wonderland

Tucked away amid north Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains lies Blue Ridge Dam and the sparkling reservoir it creates on the Toccoa River—an oasis for adventure seekers and leisure lovers alike.

More Air Down There

TVA is upgrading oxygen diffuser systems at several of its large power-producing dams, which will benefit fish and mussels, and may allow for the reintroduction of some threatened and endangered species.

12 Winning Seasons with Site Selection

For the twelfth year in a row, Site Selection Magazine names TVA among America’s top 10 utilities for economic development. John Bradley, TVA SVP of Economic Development, says this win comes from a focus on service.

Making a Safer Valley

The 2017 eclipse was billions of years in the making—and for TVA Police director Todd Peney’s team it took months of planning to pull off a safe and secure once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.

Getting Voltage Just Right

TVA has embarked on an ambitious conservation voltage regulation (CVR) program. Sound like technical jargon? Maybe. But this acronym’s out to save you money on your energy bills.

Exploring Tims Ford

Embrace precious Indian Summer days and explore the many water trails available on Tims Ford Reservoir on the Elk River in Middle Tennessee.

Summer Fun at Pickwick

“Go west, young man” is not just a movie quote; it's good advice to vacationers who want to have fun in the Tennessee Valley. Pickwick Landing Lake offers action-packed days (and barbecue-filled nights).

Allen Site Reflects TVA’s Changing Portfolio

TVA gives a glimpse of its evolving generation portfolio with the launch of a new, self-built 1 megawatt solar array at the Allen Natural Gas Plant.

This Land Is Your Land

National Public Lands Day is your chance to give back to the lands that give you space to live, learn, play, exercise, relax, explore and so much more. Here’s how to get involved.

The Annual Drawdown Is upon Us

As opposed to last year’s drought, the Valley has had an abundance of rain this year. Nevertheless, TVA is drawing down water levels in the tributary reservoirs. Here’s why.

From LEGO League to Software Engineer

If your child expresses interest in a school robotics program, take action. For one curious little girl, it turned out to be the first step on the path to a career as a software engineer at a FORTUNE 500 company.

Hometown Hero

He’s a championship fiddler, a reserve sheriff’s officer, city councilman, doting grandfather—and, oh yes, an electric operations assistant who keeps Warren RECC service crews working safely.

The Little Dam That Could

So it's not the linchpin of the TVA river system. Ocoee Dam No. 2 and its funky flume were front and center at the Olympics, and that flume is now ensconced on the National Register of Historic Places.

Biodiversity Heroes

Conservationists, biologists and environmentalists come together each year to help protect the most biodiverse river system in North America—the Tennessee.

Environmental Investigation Underway at Allen Fossil Plant

TVA is doing what it takes to find the source of arsenic found in shallow groundwater wells at its Allen Fossil Plant near Memphis, and—with human health as the top priority—will do our share to clean up the contamination.

A New Pricing Paradigm

As consumer-driven energy sources progress, TVA is preparing its business and adjusting pricing to ensure fairness and low rates for everyone.

Stay Safe Amid Eclipse Excitement

Planning to visit TVA public lands to watch the solar eclipse? We care about your safety and have eight tips to help keep you safe and enhance your enjoyment.

Making Life Better

TVA’s mission is to help make lives better. And how do they do it? We sat down with TVA Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Thomas who had the answer: “Low rates.”

The Grand Old Dam

Beautiful, venerable Wilbur Dam, one of the oldest in the TVA system, encapsulates much history and serves the Tennessee Valley in many ways even today.

Barging In

Wondering what the safest, cleanest and most economical mode of industrial transportation is? It's the barge—and the waters of the Tennessee River provide safe passage for billions of dollars of goods each year.

Is TVA’s Electric Grid Eclipse-Ready?

With the Great American Eclipse ready to darken the sky on August 21, the 9 million people of the Tennessee Valley are wondering: “Is TVA ready?” The answer is yes.

The Global View

By the time TVA set out to reclaim the environmentally devastated Copper Basin—near Ocoee Dam No. 1—the area was so barren the scar on the earth could be seen from outer space.

Swimming for Science

TVA welcomes a German scientist who will swim the entire 652-mile length of the Tennessee River, stopping for daily water-health checks along the way.

Paradise Dedication

Paradise Combined Cycle Gas Plant was dedicated this week, and adds 1,100 MW of generating power to TVA's generating portfolio.

The Secret Ocoee

There’s more to the Ocoee River than world-class whitewater rafting. We caught up with an experienced guide to find out what other secret adventures the Ocoee has to offer.

Telling the Story of Tellico: It’s Complicated

Tellico Dam in East Tennessee transformed a stagnant region into a recreation wonderland, and provided much needed economic stimulus. But not without some serious controversy first.

Robots for Everyone

A pioneering program at the University of Memphis aims to get more teen girls excited about STEM education.

STEM on the Go

Learning never stops, and the Tennessee Valley Authority has made it possible for kids at the Coalition for Kids in Johnson City, Tenn., to learn while staying on the go all summer long.

The Mountaintop Marvel

Scorned at the outset as a scheme worthy of Rube Goldberg, TVA’s pumped-storage generating plant inside Raccoon Mountain became one of the engineering wonders of the Tennessee Valley.

Fire on the Water

Want to take in one of the largest fireworks displays in the southeastern United States? Point your prow toward Norris Lake on July 1 and prepare to be bedazzled!

Sustainability a Key to TVA’s Lower Carbon Future

Climate change. Renewables. Nuclear. Pollution. Coal. Carbon. Regulations. What does it all mean? We caught up with TVA’s Chief Sustainability Officer Brenda Brickhouse to help sort it out for us.

Hi-Tech Solution to Aquatic Weed Monitoring

TVA’s Dr. Brett Hartis is a man with a mission: to control aquatic weeds, which can overtake TVA reservoirs. Now he’s using the latest digital technology to see the underwater world and get a jump on nuisance plants before they get out of control.

Non-Power Normandy

Despite the lack of hydropower, Normandy Dam on the Duck River has been a boon to Middle Tennessee, bringing economic development and recreation along with many other benefits.

Bull Run Fossil Plant Celebrates 50 Years

Bull Run Steam Plant’s single generator whirred to life 50 years ago—on June 12, 1967—starting a journey that has led to numerous plant awards, innovations and successes.

Dam Safety Every Day

May 31 was National Dam Safety Awareness Day. But for TVA, dam safety is a leading priority 24/7/365. Read about what it’s doing to monitor and improve the 49 dams in the Tennessee River system.

Running Hot and Cold

Tims Ford Dam is operated in such a way as to provide tailwater temperatures cold enough to support a thriving trout fishery, yet warm enough to support the endangered boulder darter.

Allen Combined Cycle Plant Now 75% Complete

The news from Memphis is promising: the new Allen project is going up on time and under budget—and is contributing both renewable energy and economic benefit to Shelby County.

The “Plugged In” City

It’s the little city that’s driving big change. Find out how Chattanooga, Tenn., is becoming a model for electric transportation in the Tennessee Valley and—perhaps—across the country.

Beech Getaway

You don’t have to go big to have your fun on the lake. If you live in West Tennessee, you can think small—and still have a good time—on the seven Beech River lakes.

The Great Replacement

TVA’s Nickajack Dam was built to replace the ever-leaking Hales Bar Dam, which—built as it was in 1913—held the distinction of being the first dam ever on the main stem of the Tennessee River.

Get a Handle on the Heat

Summer temperatures in the Tennessee Valley are sweltering. Will we have enough electricity to beat the heat? The TVA manager in charge of forecasting electricity load says: “Absolutely.”

June Fuel Cost Almost 10% Below Three Year Average

Electric consumers in TVA’s seven-state region will see June fuel costs nearly 10 percent less than the three-year same-month average.

Record Crowds View Spilling and Sluicing at Norris

When Norris Dam began the rare processes of spilling and sluicing, visitors showed up in droves to see the show. TVA retirees volunteered to help answer their questions.

Transmission Crews Handle Tough Job on Raccoon Mountain

When a routine inspection revealed damage to a 161-kilovolt transmission line on Raccoon Mountain, transmission crews braved rugged terrain, inclement weather and a design challenges to fix it quickly.

Energy + Industry = Syngery

Most people recognize that economic success is driven greatly by the availability of reliable, affordable energy. Throughout TVA’s long history, we have delivered just that to our customers across the Valley region.

Public Power Heart

From educating children about electricity to helping the less fortunate afford to pay their bills, this community relations coordinator from Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation truly lives to serve.

TVA Retirees Continue the Mission

TVA retirees continue to serve the people of the Valley to make life better. Retiree volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours of service in support of TVA programs in 2016.

Making New Memories at Nickajack Lake

You may not know Clyde Boyd of Jasper, Tenn., but if you visit TVA’s Glover Branch Recreation Area just below Nickajack Dam, you’ll be walking among his memories while creating your own, new ones.

A Dam of Firsts

Built in the relative peacetime of the early 1960s, Melton Hill Dam piled up an impressive list of firsts, from tributary navigation to a new level of appropriations to sustainable recreation.

Valley Lakes Worth Billions

A new study from TVA and the University of Tennessee shows that the value of recreation on the Tennessee River reservoir system for the region is nearly $12 billion.

Caution: Dam Dangers

With the record rains of the last week, reservoirs levels are high and many dams in the TVA system are spilling water, creating potentially dangerous conditions for heedless recreational users.

Partnership Secures Future of Ocoee Whitewater Recreation

Whitewater recreation on the Ocoee River is set to continue well into the future under a new partnership between the Ocoee River Outfitter Association, State of Tennessee, US Forest Service and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Student Investors Deliver Solid Performance in 2016

In April, TVA recognized more than 200 students from 25 universities that participate in TVA’s Investment Challenge Program, which enhances curriculum and gives participating students real-world investing experience.

TVA Managing Flows from Record Rain

TVA’s River Forecast Center is continuing flood operations and managing lake levels to minimize downstream flooding after record rainfall and heavy runoff over the past weekend.

Please Don’t Disturb Archaeological Sites

Now that spring weather has arrived, TVA’s Natural Resources employees are seeing an uptick in activity by artifact hunters and others who disturb significant and protected archaeological sites on TVA-managed lands.

How Green Is Our Valley?

With sustainability becoming more important as an economic development recruiting tool, TVA amps up its region with the Valley Sustainable Communities program.

Going Down Green

Old facilities are being turned into new opportunities—in the safest and most environmentally sustainable way. Here’s how most everything is reused and/or recycled—and sites are returned to grassy fields.

The Quiet Beauty of Nottely

The secret is out: Nottely Dam and its reservoir, tucked away in the mountains of North Georgia, provide some of the most gorgeous scenery and best fishing in the Southeast.

They Put It All on the Line

Got power? If the answer is yes, then you can thank a lineman for making sure that electricity is flowing freely to your home or business, no matter the season, time or weather conditions.

Copter on the Crew

Helicopters assist transmission crews in delivering equipment to remote work sites, saving time, labor and money. Here's how one saved a crew from hauling more than 1,000 pounds of new insulators and equipment 500 feet up a near vertical ridge.

TVA Helps Hundreds of Mississippi Homeowners with Improvements

TVA's Extreme Energy Makeovers program is making a real difference in the lives of Valley residents by helping them to make efficiency upgrades that will help them live more comfortably and save them hundreds of dollars every year.

Green on the Go

When three new EPB-branded electric cars rolled onto Chattanooga streets this week as part of a citywide car share program, it was the culmination of a highly successful partnership to drive change by changing the way we drive.

A Dam for All Seasons

Operated initially solely to increase flows for war-time power production at other dams downstream, Chatuge later came into its own as a power producer, multiple-purpose reservoir and picturesque recreation area.

Ride Share, TVA-Style

Think your morning commute is bad? Imagine if you had to climb a 100 foot transmission tower every morning before you started work. TVA uses helicopters to transport personnel to job sites. See the 360° view from the top.

Self-Made Man

Philip Chaney, general manager of Scottsboro Electric Power Board, brings a unique telecom-savvy perspective to opportunities and challenges facing the energy industry today.

Art for the People

In its early days, TVA valued form as well as function. It even hired a staff artist, Robert Birdwell, to capture its work on canvas. His work adorns the visitor center at Fort Patrick Henry Dam.

Stoking the Engine of Industry

TVA’s large directly served customers—from steel mills to national research facilities to military installations—contribute jobs and stability to the Tennessee Valley. Here’s how TVA supports them.

Two TVA Difference Makers Named to Nation’s Top 50 Economic Developers List

Two TVA go-getters have been named as two of North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers by Consultant Connect, a consulting agency designed to bridge the gap between economic developers and site consultants.

How Bright is Solar Energy’s Future?

Here’s what Tammy Bramlett, TVA’s Director of Business Development and Renewables, has to say about TVA’s growing interest in solar energy—and how you can be a part of it.

Be Fearless

When Lynn Evans became chair of TVA's board, she set a lot of "firsts"—first female director, first African American, first Memphian. Here, in honor of Women's History Month, she talks about being a woman in the workplace.

TVA Offers Prime Northwest Alabama Real Estate

The Tennessee Valley Authority has engaged CBRE real estate services to market about 900 acres of the utility’s Muscle Shoals Reservation property in northwest Alabama.

Be Our Guest

April ushers in spring showers—and open house at several of TVA’s dam visitor centers. Come see us to learn more about our history, operations and mission.

Upgrade Project at South Holston Dam Underway

As TVA works to upgrade the hydro generation unit in one of its most valuable dams, South Holston Dam Road in Sullivan County, Tenn., will be closed for approximately 1 year.

Water, Water Everywhere?

It’s time for the spring fill—which means that TVA’s River Forecast Center is turning it’s eyes to the 2017 recreation season and holding on to water in the reservoir system. Here's how the process is going.

Modern Archeology Was Shaped by Women

TVA archeologist Michaelyn Harle was recently featured in the Tennessee Council for Professional Archeology (TCPA) blog. Her article focused on the role women have played in shaping the modern study of archeology.

Power for Peacetime

TVA’s wartime dam-building program was mighty, but demand for electricity didn’t stop with the ceasefire. Boone Dam, authorized in 1950, would help energize the baby boom.

Giving Back to the Community: Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee

“We are grateful for the volunteer spirit of TVA and the JCPB employees,” said Second Harvest’s Community Relations Manager Katie Prendergast. “TVA and JCPB have been continuous advocates and supporters of the mission of the Food Bank.”

TVA Meets with Lake Guntersville Stakeholders

Elected Officials from Marshall and Jackson counties recently met with TVA in Guntersville to discuss the present and future path of the Lake Guntersville Aquatic Plant Management Plan.

TVA Uses Prescribed Fire to Help Habitat

March and April are primetime for prescribed burns across the Tennessee Valley. Evan Crews, TVA senior manager, Natural Resources Management explains how the agency uses fire to improve our region’s wildlife habitat.

TVA Begins Prep Work for Construction at Pickwick

TVA is beginning exploratory work this week at Pickwick Landing Dam in preparation for upcoming construction to fortify the dam against potential impacts from a severe earthquake.

“Weir” Science

The aerating labyrinth weir below South Holston Dam in upper East Tennessee has multiple benefits—chief among them creating the oxygen-rich water that has fostered a world-class brown trout fishery.

How TVA Safeguards Its Dams

With a possible dam failure having made national news, many wonder: Could such a thing happen here? With a robust Dam Safety Program in place, TVA ensures both dam integrity and public safety.

TVA’s Renewable Energy Programs Support Transportation Innovation

Parking and commuting at Southern Adventist University (SAU) is now greener and more convenient thanks to new solar-assisted electric vehicle program funded in part by TVA and other community partners.

The Perfect Wave

TVA has long been known for keeping the lights on reliably 99.999% of the time. Theo Laughner, TVA’s 2017 Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year, sets a new standard of excellence that keeps industry coming to the Valley.

Sharing Secrets of the Past

From rock art to historic buildings and burial sites, the Tennessee Valley is full of reminders that it has been a great place to live for thousands of years.

Turning Memphis Wastewater into Energy

TVA is capturing methane gas from Memphis' T.E. Maxson Wastewater Treatment Plant and transporting it to adjacent Allen Combined Cycle natural gas site where it will be used to help generate clean energy.

WIN-ning Proposition

At a 2017 Women in Nuclear (WIN) conference, hosted by TVA in Chattanooga, industry veterans like Brady Queen-Peden gather to network, share ideas and—above all—encourage young women to choose careers in this rewarding field.

The Town that Wouldn’t Drown

Butler, Tenn., was constantly inundated with floodwaters from the Watauga River—that is, before TVA built Watauga Dam and moved the whole town to higher ground.

Looking into the Crystal Ball

Dr. Joe Hoagland, vice president of Enterprise Relations & Innovation for TVA—the largest public power utility in America—shares his thoughts about the future of the utility industry.

Whither the Weather

For a meteorologist at the nation’s largest public utility, there’s a lot riding on the line. Forecasts help determine which generation assets go online so you can stay warm—at the lowest cost—on the coldest days.

They Walk the Lines

Natural Resource Management’s land condition assessments, most often conducted in the chill of winter, allow it to make smart decisions about land use, and allocate resources to where they’re most needed.

The Miracle in the Wilderness

Spurred by wartime necessity, TVA put up Fontana Dam, the tallest dam east of the Rockies with record speed. The dam no one could get to eventually became the most visited in the TVA system.

TVA’s Carbon Trajectory

It’s hard to know whether or how carbon policy is likely to change in coming years. Brenda Brickhouse, TVA’s vice president of Environment and Energy Policy, explains why staying the course is in the Tennessee Valley’s best interest.

TVA Clears Next Hurdle for Small Modular Reactors

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has accepted and docketed the utility’s early site permit application for the potential construction and operation of multiple SMR units at the Clinch River Site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Odd Dam Out

TVA’s odd dam out, Great Falls, began operations in January of 1917 as a premier project of the Tennessee Electric Power Company. It was purchased 22 years later by TVA, and remains the quirkiest hydro project in the portfolio.

TVA’s Mightiest Work

In dedicating the massive Kentucky Dam, President Harry S. Truman summed up the success of TVA, a formula comprised of modern science, good management and common sense.

Drought Update: Rainfall Levels Improve, Runoff Lags

More precipitation in the new year improves drought conditions and hydro generation, even though runoff levels are playing catch-up.

TVA Reports Near-Record Weekend Power Demand

The Tennessee Valley Authority reports that the weekend’s cold snap, which dipped down to 14 degrees across the Tennessee Valley, ranked fourth in the utility’s “Top 10” winter weekend power peaks.

Lake Sturgeon Make a Comeback

This ancient fish, once extinct in the Tennessee River system, has made a comeback thanks to a savvy reintroduction initiative by TVA and its partners.

Land Plans Open Houses

TVA is proposing changes to the way it uses land on Chickamauga, Fort Loudoun, Great Falls, Kentucky, Nickajack, Normandy, Wheeler and Wilson reservoirs. You’re invited to give your feedback.

TVA Employees Get Ready for Year’s First Cold Snap

Mother Nature is expected to bring freezing temperatures, snow and ice to the Tennessee Valley later this week. TVA employees are already gearing up to meet electricity demand.

Improve It and They Will Come

TVA and its volunteer partners logged over 100,000 visitors to reimagined and refurbished visitor centers at TVA hydroelectric facilities in 2016. With further improvements planned for 2017, that number is likely to grow.

2016 News

Look at All the Little Piggies

TVA and Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corp. joined together to create unique solution to the problem of piglets getting squashed in the pen: a warming blanket.

Balanced Fuel Portfolio Helps Reduce Ratepayer Costs

TVA’s diversified generation portfolio allows it to choose between generation sources, and emphasize low-cost fuels. This is especially helpful in winter months, when coal and gas plants are crucial to meeting demand.

Wartime Dam Creates Angler’s Oasis

Isolated Apalachia Dam made a big contribution to wartime airplane construction. Today, it’s an off-the-beaten-path paradise for trout fishermen looking for big catches and scenic views.

John Sevier Fossil Plant Is Coming Down

Demolition work at John Sevier Fossil Plant demonstrates TVA at it’s best: Working in an environmentally responsible way to restore the site of a former coal plant so that the land can be used for economic development.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Mother Nature is bringing the Valley freezing temperatures, and—potentially—higher heating bills. Following these energy-saving tips will help you stay cozy while keeping your utility bill under control.

Watts Bar Unit 2: What It Means for You

Achieving commercial operation of Watts Bar Nuclear Plant’s Unit 2 was a major achievement for TVA, and a smart investment for every energy consumer in the Tennessee Valley. Here’s why.

Full Steam Ahead

TVA develops an innovative, environmentally friendly cogeneration solution at Johnsonville Combustion Turbine Plant designed to keep chemical company Chemours—and 1,100 jobs—in Middle Tennessee.

Preserving Places of Peril

TVA receives recognition from the national Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for its work in restoring and protecting 500-year-old Native American cliff art in northeast Alabama.

From War Machine to World-Class Whitewater

When Ocoee Dam No. 3 was built to meet wartime energy needs wartime, it was thought there would be little recreational interest in the project. Flash forward fifty years, and you get an Olympic whitewater course.

TVA Shops Small

When you’re the nation’s largest public power company, you do a lot of purchasing. To boost the Valley economy, TVA stayed focused on procuring goods and services from small businesses in 2016—over a billion dollars’ worth.

A Breath of Fresh Air

People who live and work in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s seven-state service region have something more than usual to be thankful for this holiday season: cleaner air.

TVA’s World-Class Wonders

Among the lands and lakes TVA manages lie four shining gems: recreation destinations that draw visitors from around the world. Here’s why they deserve a spot on your bucket list.

What Democracy Can Do

At the outset of World War II, Congress approved the Douglas Dam Bill to provide power for the war effort. On a crash schedule, TVA workers toiled day and night, and—amazingly—the dam was finished in just over a year.

TVA Keeps Valley Commerce on the Grow

TVA Economic Development's Senior Vice President John Bradley sits down to discuss TVA’s FY2016 results in terms of direct investment and jobs attracted and retained. (Hint: It's good news.)

TVA “Amps Up” Valley Robotics Programs

This month kicks off the 2016-17 robotics season for students across the U.S. We caught up with Gail Rymer, TVA director of Public and Community Relations, to find out why TVA-sponsored robotics programs are successful.

New and Improved Kentucky Lock on the Way

Though it's long been a source of frustration and congestion for those navigating from the Tennessee River into the Ohio, TVA and the Army Corps of Engineers are cooperating to build a modern lock at Kentucky Dam that’s tailored to today’s barge traffic.

TVA Goes to War

To help crank up aluminum production for the war effort—and to provide energy for the Manhattan Project—TVA put two dams on a crash construction schedule. Cherokee was one, and it was built in 16 months.

Drought Ongoing Despite the Rain

Through recent rains have dialed back the risk of wildfire, they've done little to relieve the dry conditions in the Tennessee Valley. The region remains in moderate to severe drought status.

Colbert Ash Stack Closure Complete

In closing and covering an ash stack at retired Colbert Fossil Plant, TVA creates not only safety but also scenery.

Urban Mountain Biking

Just because your bike was made to handle rocks and roots doesn't mean it can't perform on pavement, too. Try one of these urban biking trails, five of the best in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA’s Jerome Terrell Honored with Legacy Award

The Tennessee Economic Development Council (TEDC) recognized Jerome Terrell, longtime senior program manager for TVA Economic Development, as the recipient of its Legacy Award at the recent TEDC Annual Fall Conference.

Watts Bar Unit 2 Complete and Commercial

Watts Bar Unit 2 is TVA’s seventh operating nuclear reactor delivering carbon-free energy to the Tennessee Valley, helping to generate enough clean electricity to power 4.5 million homes.

International Visitors Seek TVA’s Secret to Success

After more than 83 years of service, TVA continues to be the standard for government leaders who wish to improve the quality of life of their nation’s citizens.

Watts Bar Getaway

In 1950, after construction on Watts Bar Dam was complete, an enterprising Michigander bought up the construction workers’ housing and launched a wildly successful resort.

TVA Improves Water Quality at Ocoee No. 1 by Ending Winter Drawdown

Visitor’s to TVA’s Ocoee No.1 Reservoir (a.k.a. Parksville Lake) this fall will see deeper water and improved water quality in the future, thanks to TVA’s ongoing work to mitigate environmental devastation caused by a century of local copper mining.

TVA Completes Bellefonte Sale

NOVEMBER 14, 2016 ―The Tennessee Valley Authority announced the sale of the 1,400 acre Bellefonte property, near Hollywood, Ala., to Nuclear Development, LLC for the purchase price of $111 million.

Tennessee Valley’s Automotive Fast Lane

Spurred by the presence of four automotive OEMs, the Tennessee Valley’s transportation sector is the second largest in the nation—and poised to leave Michigan in its taillights.

Go with the Flow

Norris Lake’s outstanding Loyston Point trails provide a beautiful setting and a mountain biking experience that will suit your experience level—whether you’re a flat-out beginner or seasoned expert.

Torpedo Testing at Hiwassee

Hiwassee Dam and the reservoir it created are both known for beautiful scenery, canoeing and rafting. But in the 1940s and 50s, Hiwassee also played a key role in serving the nation’s defense.

Join Us for Our Annual Aquatic Survey

Interested anglers or those who care about aquatic diversity in the Tennessee Valley will get a rare chance to join TVA biologists in researching the health and diversity of Tennessee Valley fish populations this fall.

Combustion Testing Begins at Paradise CC Plant

3-2-1-ignition! Paradise Combined Cycle Plant's Unit 1 fired up for the first time at 5:23 p.m. EST Monday. All three gas-fired units will go through a series of tests over the next few months in preparation for commercial operation in 2017.

80+ Years of Powering Your Dreams

Join us in celebration of Public Power Week as we recognize public utility employees across the Valley: those who work tirelessly to help power our homes, hospitals, schools and businesses.

Spoke’n Hot

About 40 million Americans participate in the sport of mountain biking each year—and the Tennessee Valley is their playground. Want to join their numbers? Here’s what you need to know before you climb on two wheels and go.

Mountain Bike Mecca

Bike Magazine summed up Raccoon Mountain’s bike trails in one word: glorious. We caught up with Kevin Smith, Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association’s Chattanooga chapter vice president to find out why.

Hunt the Valley

Looking for a place to go hunting? Try TVA’s undeveloped public lands. We offer 293,000 acres of wild lands where you can pursue the time-honored sport and make treasured memories while you’re doing it.

TVA Pioneers Energy Efficiency Planning Model

As many Americans grow more aware of their environmental footprint and look for ways to maximize their energy usage, TVA’s energy efficiency strategy has been singled out as a model that may be worth replicating.

TVA Employees Are Ready to Respond

TVA’s robust Emergency Response Training program—now housed in a new multipurpose training center—ensures that employees are ready to deal with fires, hazardous materials leaks, health crises, accidents and more.

Five Feathered Friends

Get to know the looks, songs, diets and habits of these five common birds, and you’ll have feathered friends worth watching wherever you go in the Tennessee Valley.

Saving Chattanooga

Before TVA built Chickamauga Dam, Chattanooga—the Valley's most flood-prone city—suffered from massive economic damage and moquito-borne health crises because of the untamed river.

11 Years of Success with Site Selection

America’s premier magazine for site selectors names TVA among the top 10 American utilities for economic development for the eleventh straight year. Here’s why.

Birdwatching 101

TVA maintains public areas—woodlands, grasslands and waterways—across the Tennessee Valley, and these are great places for birdwatching. With a little know-how, you’ll see the splendor of birds all around you.

Keeping Hydro Humming

Producing clean, low-cost electricity is important for the environment and your pocketbook. Check out what we are doing to keep 70- and 80-year old dams operating like well-conditioned athletes.

TVA Invests in a Greener Future

What is TVA’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Thomas doing to ensure the region has reliable, clean electricity at the lowest cost possible? Investing.

Spotting Eagles and Raptors on TVA Land

Eagles, ospreys and hawks all dwell in the Tennessee Valley year-round—in particular on Guntersville and Kentucky reservoirs—offering majestic views for birdwatchers in the field and, via web cam, at home.

Good Medicine for Fontana Dam

TVA is making two slot cuts in Fontana Dam to relieve pressure caused by alkali aggregate reaction (AAR), also known as concrete growth, which occurs when chemical reactions in the cement aggregate material cause swelling and stress.

“Paducah Bill” Moves to Guntersville

When floodwaters threatened to overwhelm Paducah, Ky., construction workers from Guntersville Dam boarded a steamer and set out to offer aid. Along the way, they rescued a rooster who would become Guntersville's mascot.

How TVA Is Storing Its Ash

To get the “low-down” on what TVA is doing with its coal ash, we caught up with John Kammeyer, TVA vice president Civil Projects. Kammeyer leads the TVA team tasked with safely closing the company’s coal ash impoundments.

8 Tips for Better Birdwatching

Winter is here, and with it some of the best birdwatching of the year. You can find many fine feathered friends on TVA public lands—but your own back yard will also offer incredible avian views, if you know how to look.

Breathing Easier at Shawnee

New air cleaning equipment being installed on Shawnee Fossil Plant's units 1 and 4 is designed to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by 96 and 90 percent respectively.

Lake Levels Update

Summer’s almost gone, and with it will go some of the water in TVA’s reservoirs. We took a moment to catch up with the River Forecasting Center crew to talk lake levels.

Training, Preparation Help Safely Extinguish Transformer Fire at Watts Bar

Training and preparation allowed plant personnel to effectively respond to a transformer fire in an onsite switchyard at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant on Tuesday night, August 30.

The Lost Towns of Pickwick

There’s no doubt that TVA’s dams transformed the Valley and made life easier for its residents. For some, though, the unified plan meant sacrificing home and community to the greater good.

Doggy Paddling

At TVA we love dogs. So why not bring them out to enjoy #TVAfun on our lakes and streams? Paddling with your pooch is great fun, and with a little preparation and know-how, safe for everyone.

CADnet: Inspiring Dreams, Unlocking Opportunities

Through the CADnet program, TVA helps young STEM students discover the joy of engineering—and even offers some a foot in the door at the nation’s largest producer of public power.

Drones Help Inspect Dams

Unmanned aerial vehicles (a.k.a. drones) are helping to reduce the costs and human risks involved in inspecting TVA facilities and equipment—especially dams.

Five Perfect Paddles in the Tennessee Valley

We’ve done the research, we’ve seen the beauty, we’ve had the fun—and we can practically guarantee you’ll have good time, too. So there's no reason for you to not to check out one of these Valley paddles.

TVA Prepares Rural Leaders to Bring Home Jobs

How TVA Economic Development is making a difference for the Valley’s smallest and most challenged communities by training a field of educated and informed pros ready to recruit new business.

Bringing Back the Bats

Several species of bats are flying onto the threatened and endangered species lists at alarming speed. That’s why TVA has installed artificial roost habitats intended to boost bat populations in the Valley.

TVA Helps Keep Your Power Bill Low

Sixty-nine percent of the top 100 utilities charge more for electricity than we do in the Tennessee Valley. Why? Here’s the lowdown from TVA Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Thomas.

Making “Bucket-List” Whitewater

When the horn sounds, the Ocoee River in east Tennessee becomes a bucket-list destination for experienced rafters looking for miles of Class III and Class IV adventure. Here’s how TVA maintains the whitewater thrills.

Raccoon Mountain Visitor Center Reopens

After almost two years of being closed, TVA’s Raccoon Mountain Visitor Center reopens to the public with new exhibits on Saturday, August 13, 2016.

The Ghost of West Tennessee

Looking for a great paddling adventure in the western Valley? You'll find peaceful waters and spooky beauty on the Ghost River, which lies less than an hour away from Memphis, Tenn.

It’s Official: Norris Dam Is on the National Register of Historic Places

Just in time to celebrate its 80th anniversary, TVA’s Norris Dam has been named to the National Register of Historic Places. Norris is the first TVA-built dam to achieve this honor.

Paddle Pointers

We want you to have summer fun on our lakes and streams—and stay safe while you're doing it. Check out these 12 things you need to consider before you climb into your kayak or canoe.

Norris Dam: “No Flood of Worry”

During WWII, Ernie Pyle described the common man’s fight in simple language. But his fame began before the war, when he set out to explain the American experiment called TVA, under construction in Norris, Tennessee.

Design for the Public Good

As TVA brought public power to the Tennessee Valley, TVA architect Roland Wank put design to work for the people—starting with his visionary plan for Norris Dam.

Building a Better Life for the Tennessee Valley

In 1936, the Unified Development of the Tennessee River System laid out a plan for TVA to build dams and transform the poverty-stricken, often-flooded Valley into a modern, electrified and developed slice of America.

TVA Brings Fun to the Valley

When Senator George Norris created the TVA Act more than 80 years ago, little did we know that Norris would be the father of work-life balance in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA Maintains Healthy Water Quality

What was once a curse in the Tennessee Valley is now a blessing: the water resources associated with the Tennessee River. TVA does everything in its power to ensure that it is useful and of the highest quality possible.

Tennessee Valley Air: Cleanest Ever Measured

Due to the hard work of TVA, Valley industries, vehicle manufacturers and local and state air regulators, air quality has never been as good as it is now. Today, the entire Valley meets the EPA’s ozone standard.

Getting Ozone Out of Our Valley

Mission accomplished! With Shelby County, Tenn., in compliance, the entire Tennessee Valley now meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2008 standard for ozone.

The Heat is ON

Summer temperatures are on the rise, but that doesn't mean your electric bill has to go up in lockstep. Get smart about your energy use to keep your AC running and your bill under control.

Bygone Boats

Antique and classic boats harken back to the time when recreational watercraft with nicknames like “Little Funhouse” and “Eleanor” filled the Tennessee River.

Testing Nation’s Newest Nuclear Generation to Ensure Safety, Quality and Reliability

Power Ascension Testing is the final phase of an extensive “test drive” of Watts Bar Unit 2 to make sure the unit can deliver electricity safely, reliably and efficiently to our consumers.

A Reign of Harmony

TVA’s dams has had an undeniable influence on modern architecture. But when the world-renowned architect Le Corbusier visited America in 1946, he was most impressed by TVA’s transformation of the Tennessee Valley.

Power Your Home for Less than a Mocha a Day

How much does it cost to power your home per day? It may surprise you that the cost is less than a morning mocha latte. We caught up with TVA Chief Financial Officer John Thomas to discuss the value of electricity.

Congress Recognizes Norris Dam’s 80th Anniversary

On July 7, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and U.S. Rep. John Duncan Jr. introduced a resolution praising TVA for its successful construction and management of the “Unified Plan of the Development of the Tennessee River,” which began with the completion of Norris Dam in 1936.

Marina Heaven

Marinas are home base for all the splashy boating lake fun of summer. When they go the extra mile to be environmentally sound, the good only gets better.

They Put a Lot on the Line

Sunday, July 10, is National Lineworker Appreciation Day and TVA wants to thank all the lineworkers who serve their communities through their work to deliver safe, reliable power to our homes and businesses.

Hiwassee Dam’s Unit 2 Pumps It Up

After five years of inactivity, Hiwassee Dam’s groundbreaking Unit 2 reversible generator/turbine unit is fully back in action, allowing TVA even greater flexibility to generate electricity—or remove it from the grid when needed to help balance base load.

Gallatin Completes Dry Ash Storage Initiative

TVA’s vision for converting all management of coal combustion products from wet to dry storage is becoming a reality—most recently at Gallatin Fossil Plant.

They've Got the Power

GIRLS Inc., the Challenger STEM Learning Center and TVA collaborated to create an educational and enjoyable summer program for young women focused on transmission engineering.

Paradise by the Construction Light

Construction of the Paradise Combined Cycle Plant near Drakesboro, Kentucky, is nearing 75 percent completion. When it's finished, it will provide 1,025 megawatts of flexible, reliable power for the Tennessee Valley.

Hit the Beach

You don’t have to drive all day and night to get to sandy shores and lapping waves—you can enjoy a lovely waterside vacation right here in the Valley at one of TVA’s many lakeside swim beaches.

Boating Safety 101

Labor Day is a traditional boating holiday, and it means busy lakes. TVA encourages everyone to get out and enjoy your holiday the water—safely.

How You Can Help to Conserve Water

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, much of the Valley is experiencing a drought. You can help. In fact, if you’re like most families, you can reduce your water use by up to 35 percent by following these simple steps.

Cool Your Heels on TVA Trails

Summer temperatures may be on rise through the Valley, but this week’s #TVAfun hikes feature built in water features. Escape the summer sun and cool yourself—naturally.

TVA Is Vibrating Its Ash

TVA is taking coal ash safety to a whole new level. Check out how the company is pioneering new technology to become the utility industry leader in safe coal ash storage.

Next-Gen Energy Professionals Receive TVA-Sponsored Scholarships

Four bright, young scholars are closer to achieving their career dreams in energy, thanks to scholarships provided by TVA and the Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga.

Family-Friendly Hiking on Cherokee Lake

Looking for the perfect hiking experience for the whole family? You can do no better than this “two-fer” of trails at Cherokee Lake, loved by young and old and everyone in between.

Norris: An American Ideal

New urban theorists are hard at work designing the town of the future. But Norris, Tennessee—built by TVA over 80 years ago to house workers building the nearby dam—beat them all to the punch.

Don't Let the Summer Heat Scorch Your Wallet!

Seasonal hot weather is here. Keep a cool head and even cooler electricity bill by adopting summer-smart practices that will help you beat the heat in energy-efficient style.

Natural Wonders

Unleash your inner naturalist and learn more about the world around you in classes and bioblitz events in June and July at Ijams Nature Center, Melton Hill Dam Reservation and Little Cedar Mountain Small Wild Area.

Hiking in the Wild

Trails through TVA’s Small Wild Areas let Valley residents get up close and personal with some of the most exceptional natural resources and scenic views in the region.

Sharing Water Across the System

TVA is using water from Chatuge, Nottley, Blue Ridge, South Holston and Watauga reservoirs to meet minimum flows and ensure aquatic health along the entire Tennessee River system.

Get Ready, Go Hiking!

TVA offers dozens of trails for the public to explore, from easy walks through vigorous treks. Here's how to access information about them, as well as tips for staying safe while you're on the trails.

Army Vet Embraces TVA Investment Challenge

When U.S. Army vet Brad Clark returned from his tour of Iraq, he met a new challenge: the TVA Investment Challenge. He was up for the mission, and helped lead a team to a 34.5% return on investment, more than 2% over the S&P 500.

TVA and Starkville Utilities Light the Way for Big Energy Savings at MSU

Mississippi State University—working with Energy Right Solutions for Business and Industry and Starkville Utilities—undertook an project to replace fluorescent lighting with LEDs, leading to over $400,000 in annual savings.

Dam Safety Is a Top Priority at TVA

Keeping its dams performing well and the communities near them safe is a top priority for TVA. That's why TVA monitors its dams routinely and continuously updates its Dam Safety Program to meet current industry standards.

TVA's Decreasing Carbon Emissions Help Customers Compete

Increasingly, TVA's local power companies and directly served customer find themselves competing on carbon footprint. Good news! Theirs will be smaller this year, as TVA's carbon emissions rate went down 2.89 percent.

All the Comforts in the Great Outdoors

Long to stay in the great outdoors, but tent camping just isn't your style? Try living it up in a decked-out RV. You can have all the comforts of home—including wi-fi—and still get out into nature on TVA campgrounds.

TVA IT Lends a Hand

TVA IT employees teach Chattanooga elementary students how STEM skills can improve lives. The students’ final assignment? To 3D print and assemble a prosthetic hand to help a child in need.

Come Help Us Celebrate TVA Dams!

2016 is the 80th anniversary of the Unified Plan of the Development of the Tennessee River, the document that outlined TVA's integrated resource management approach to the Tennessee River system.

Understanding River Temperatures Saves Ratepayers Money

TVA engineers are mapping water temperatures on Wheeler Lake to help understand when—and when not—to operate cooling towers at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant. Net result? Cost savings to Valley power consumers.

Lakeside Camping

Always wanted to live on the lake but can't afford the real estate? Now you can enjoy all the amenities without the expense by camping at one of TVA's six dam reservation campgrounds.

Island Getaways

No need to travel across the ocean for a relaxing vacation. You can get away from it all and pitch a tent on one of the dozens of wild islands that dot TVA's reservoirs right here in the Valley.

Feathered Friends?

Double-crested cormorants are currently residing year-round on islands of Guntersville Reservoir where they were once winter-only dwellers—and their new summer occupancy is changing the landscape.

Shade Your Stream

Mowing up to the shoreline? You should reconsider. Allowing trees and other vegetation to grow along shorelines helps maintain water temperatures, prevents erosion and supports aquatic life.

Plants of the Past

These five TVA coal-fired power plants have been closed over the years. But the shuttered powerhouses deserve recognition for the role they played in the development of Valley—generating electricity, jobs and history.

Remembering the Terrible Tornadoes of 2011

On April 27 of that year, tornadoes ripped through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, creating record damage to TVA's transmission system. This is the story of that storm—and of TVA's swift response to turn the lights back on.

The Power Behind Robotics

Ever wonder what powers the Tennessee Valley’s many STEM-related student robotics programs? Nuclear… wind… solar… hamster wheels? Nope. It's volunteers.

Gearing Up for Success

Today, the Tennessee Valley is ranked as one of the best places for general manufacturing. Why? Is it the low cost of living? Tax-friendly environment? Skilled workforce? Competitive utilities? Try all of the above.

TVA Keeps an Eye on Its Ash

TVA monitors its coal ash 24/7, 365 to ensure there are no safety or environmental issues. To that end, it developed the Advanced Technology for Impoundment Monitoring center to immediately identify and respond to any coal ash issues before an emergency can happen

Spring Fill Falling Behind

Seven of TVA’s ten large tributary reservoirs are falling behind on filling right now because of less than normal rainfall for this time of year. Will the situation get worse? TVA River Operations experts explain the odds.

Kids Playing Hooky

Here's how to fish with kids—to help them be successful, keep them safe and get them hooked for life on one of the Valley's most popular summertime sports.

River Recycled

The water of the Tennessee River basin is the most heavily used in the nation; it’s also the most recycled. Here’s how TVA Water Supply manages the river to keep water levels optimally balanced.

The Tug Is the Drug

Winter, spring, summer or fall, any angler will tell you that there is nothing like the rush of “fish on.” The Tennessee Valley is home to many world-class trout fisheries, chief among them the South Holston River.

Books for the People

In honor of National Library Week, we look back at a time in which TVA provided books to enrich the lives of dam builders and people in remote communities throughout the Tennessee Valley.

Creating Family Fishing Traditions on TVA Lakes

From trophies worthy of hanging on the wall to the simple joys of a bluegill on a little girl’s line, TVA lake fishing creates memories that cross generations. PLUS: 10 family-friendly destinations for fishing from the shore.

Greening the Valley

In the 1930s, TVA turned selected farmers into experts on erosion control and asked them to pass the idea along to their neighbors. Before long, agriculture in the TVA region was on the road to recovery.

Make-a-Wish Teen Vows to Work for TVA Someday

TVA makes 15-year-old Noah Caldwell's birthday wish come true with a tour of the Allen Fossil Plant and the construction site for the new Allen Combined Cycle Plant in Memphis, Tennessee.

Living Women's History: Carol Eimers

We're celebrating Women's History Month by talking to strong female leaders within TVA. In this Q + A, Carol Eimers, TVA's general manager for the Inspection, Testing, Monitoring & Analysis group, talks about stepping out of your comfort zone.

TVA’s "Hardened" Transmission System Helps Customers Weather the Storm

When the tornadoes of 2011 knocked out 108 transmission lines, TVA's rapid response won increased customer satisfaction. Since then, TVA has continued to work to improve grid resiliency and prevent power disruption.

TVA. Lasers. Spaghetti?

Today, TVA surveyors deploy the latest technology—3-D laser scanning—capable of mapping the spaghetti of piping and conduits in engineering spaces with millimeter accuracy.

Bringing the Land to Life

In the 1920s and ’30s, much of the soil in the Tennessee Valley was worn out to the point of worthlessness. Potent fertilizers developed by TVA helped bring the land back to life.

TVA Invests in Futures‚ One Student at a Time

Here in the Tennessee Valley, a new class of investor is being cultivated: young, smart business students from 25 universities in TVA’s seven-state service area—a group who regularly outperforms the S&P 500.

Steady On: the Davidson Static VAR Compensator

When TVA shutters the Johnsonville Coal Plant in Middle Tennessee in 2017, it faced the possibility that power quality could be compromised. But TVA has the solution: the Davidson Static VAR Compensator, which recently went live.

Colbert Fossil Plant Ends 61 Years of Electrical Generation

The Colbert Fossil Plant earns a proud and permanent place in the TVA story, as unit 1—the last of its five units—was taken offline Wednesday, March 23, ending a 61-year history of power generation.

Wildflower Walks

Looking for beautiful blossoms this spring? You can do no better than the trails that run through the Small Wild Areas on TVA public lands. Here are six wildflower walks well worth your while.

Living Women's History: Marie Gillman

We're celebrating Women's History Month by talking to strong female leaders within TVA. In this exclusive Q + A, Marie Gillman, general manager of TVA Nuclear Projects, talks about being a role model in a what is still a male-dominated field.

Living Women's History: Janet Brewer

We're celebrating Women's History Month by talking to strong female leaders within TVA. In this exclusive Q + A, Janet Brewer, TVA's vice president of Communications and Marketing, talks about taking a leadership role and achieving excellence.

Fisherman’s Paradise

Lake Guntersville is a world-class destination for bass fisherman. Here’s why the lake is so good—and how TVA manages it for ongoing excellence. (Hint: It's all about the weeds.)

The Happiest Camping

Camping season is here. Want to make eco-friendliness part of your experience? Now you can, by choosing one of the 46 Tennessee Valley Camp-Right Campgrounds.

Meet the Dam Doctor

You may think drilling into a dam embankment is an odd way to check its health. To Kristen Smith, TVA senior program manager, core drilling is sometimes necessary to provide her with soil data to ensure that TVA dams will be healthy for decades to come.

TVA Goes to Space

TVA and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center both transformed sleepy southern regions into national economic powerhouses. Now the two organizations are teaming up to share information about energy generation and conservation.

TVA Cheers on Valley Robotics Team Heading to World Championship

TVA is cheering on The Illuminati, a Collierville, Tenn., high school robotics team, who will compete next month at the VEX Robotics World Championship after winning Tennessee state title.

Savings on TVA Fuel Costs Shared with Consumers

Fuel costs for 2016 thus far are 10 to 20 percent below the three-year average, thanks in part to abundant hydro power. Hydro production is our least-expensive generating resource.

Home-Front Defenders

When World War II came and the men of the Tennessee Valley answered their country’s call to service in the armed forces, a select corps of women stepped up to serve TVA.

18 Billion Kilowatt Hours of Carbon-Free Electricity…

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant has generated 18 billion kilowatts over the last 650 days, and now is in a planned outage for maintenance refueling and upgrades.

TVA Sponsors Eagle Cams

Thanks in part to TVA, anyone can now watch live streaming video from two eagles’ nests in the Tennessee Valley: one in Bluff City, Tenn., and one in Johnson City, Tenn.

Geotechnical Core Drilling Begins at Chickamauga Dam

TVA will begin over-water core drilling at Chickamauga Dam to ensure the embankment is functioning as intended. The drilling does not harm the dam structure and the core holes are refilled and sealed.

Cumberland Helps County Avoid Water Outage

Quick action taken by Cumberland Fossil Plant averted a possible water outage for thousands of homes and businesses in Houston County, Tennessee and portions of two other counties.

Jefferson Middle School Sends Robotics Team to FLL World Finals

A robotics team from Oak Ridge, Tenn., will compete at the FIRST LEGO League world finals in St. Louis, Mo. after taking top honors at the East Tennessee FLL Robotics Championship, of which TVA is one of the co-sponsors.

Scenic Winter Hikes

Don’t let the chilly weather keep you off the trails. Sometimes the best views can be had when the leaves are off the trees. Here are three winter hikes you have to see to believe.

Relay Race

Robert M. Frye was determined to step up the pace with which TVA could replace aging transmission relays—even if he had to invent a solution. His efforts won him TVA’s 2016 Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year award.

Cumberland and Johnsonville Public Meetings Rescheduled

Due to weather, TVA is postponing information open houses set for February 9th and 10th, 2016 to receive comments from the public about options for disposal of ash and other coal combustion products. New dates for the open houses have not yet been announced.

Save the Sicklefin Redhorse

This unique fish lives in the far eastern corner of the Tennessee Valley—and nowhere else in the world. As populations dwindle, TVA and its partners work to keep the species off the endangered list.

Two Valley Teams Advance to Robotics Championship

Two Tennessee Valley robotics teams will advance to the Georgia State Robotics Championship after recently competing at a TVA-sponsored FIRST Tech Robotics Competition in Huntsville, Ala.

Gallatin Dry Scrubbers Fully Operational

On February 7, the last of four dry scrubbers went into operation at Gallatin Fossil Plant after more than 35 months of construction. These scrubbers remove up to 98 percent of the sulfur dioxide that exits through the exhaust flue.

The TVA Quilt

A modernistic quilt, made in the 30s by wives of men working on Wheeler Dam near Muscle Shoals, Ala., represents support and guidance of the African-American community by TVA.

Watch Out! Robots in the Valley!

How do you get thousands of 10- to 18-year-olds excited about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education? HINT: Ask them to them build a robot.

Wild Weather? No Problem.

Winter storm Jonas had the potential to seriously disrupt TVA’s service throughout the Valley. But due to the professional and proactive efforts of many hard-working TVA employees, the overall impacts were minimal.

The Great Experiment

“In this enormous machine the balance wheel is human.” In a poetic 1933 article for Fortune magazine, author James Agee introduced the newly formed Tennessee Valley Authority to the world at large.

Valley Sustainable Communities

What does it mean to be a Valley Sustainable Community? It means meeting a triple bottom line: healthy environment, thriving community and economic prosperity.

No Off-Season for Resource Stewardship

This time of year, you're likely to see TVA natural resource specialists out on our public land making improvements to protect the natural environment and enhance your recreation experience.

Get Your Light Right

Lighting accounts for 25 percent of your overall electricity bill, so switching from incandescent to CFL or LED bulbs can save you money. Here’s how to make a savvy switch with advice from EnergyRight® Solutions.

10 Top Tips for Winterproofing Your Home

Though this winter has thus far been unseasonably warm throughout the Valley, the cold weather is here at last. Save money and stay cozy by following these savvy suggestions from EnergyRight Solutions®.

Winter Wonders

Don't let a little cold weather keep you indoors. Get out there and discover the unique beauty and fun of TVA public land in winter. Here are five ways to do just that: photography, fishing, hiking, birdwatching and hunting.

2015 News

Hit the Trails

We are proud of all our trails, but here are three of our favorites: Cave Mountain Trail on Wheeler Reservoir, Johnson Ridge Trail on Cherokee Reservoir, Lady’s Bluff on Kentucky Reservoir.

Watts Bar Unit 2 License a Critical Success

In one of the most critical steps on its path to commercial operations, Watts Bar Unit 2 has received an operating license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Carbon Competitiveness

With climate change increasingly making news, companies are competing on the strength of their carbon footprint. TVA’s Senior Manager for Climate Policy Karen Utt is doing groundbreaking work in carbon output accounting to help Valley companies establish a competitive edge.

Hunters Welcome!

Looking for a place to pursue your passion for hunting? TVA's undeveloped lands are great places to pursue the time-honored sport—and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Watts Bar Unit 2 Media Event

TVA history is unfolding today at Watts Bar where a media briefing is sharing news of a major milestone met in the steady progress of Watts Bar Unit 2 as it moves toward operational status.

Outdoors Made Accessible

Because TVA holds dear the missions of safety and service, it has upgraded picnic sites at 24 of its reservoirs to make them universally accessible.

Turning the Tides

TVA's River Forecast Center knows how to move water, and in December of 2015 saved Tennessee cities from more than $8 million in flood damages.

Nashville Home is First “Perfect 10” in eScore Program

A home renovation project for a Nashville-area family is paying off not only in lower power bills, but also through incentives offered by the eScore residential energy efficiency program.

Raccoon Mountain Gets a Health Check

A mountaintop reservoir disappears as engineers inspect TVA’s signature pumped-storage plant, affording us a rare view of the inner workings of this marvel of engineering.

Let's Connect

TVA actively solicits feedback from the public; here's a brief guide to the many ways one might interface with the agency.

Welcome home.

We’ve reimagined TVA.com to give you—the user—a whole new experience of our website.

Under [Barometric] Pressure

For winter storm season, TVA's reservoirs must be drawn down to absorb torrential rains. During big rain events, employees in the River Forecast Center monitor conditions 24/7 to circumvent flooding.

TVA Economic Development Efforts Spur $7.8 Billion in Investments in FY 2015

Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development programs helped attract and retain more than 76,200 jobs and stimulated more than $7.8 billion in business investments in the Tennessee Valley region in fiscal year 2015.

Site Selectors Agree: Best States for Doing Business Are Located in the Valley

According to Area Development, the states that consistently rank high on the list of Top States for Doing Business know what it means to be successful in the field of economic development. Five of the top ten are located in the Tennessee Valley.

The Father of Public Power

Boyish in appearance but hardheaded and knowledgeable, David Lilienthal built the TVA power system according to one guiding principle: affordable power for everyone in the TVA region.

Raccoon Mountain Refill

With maintenance work on its pumped-storage plant complete, more than 100 million gallons of water are pumped from the Tennessee River back up the mountaintop reservoir. You have to see it to believe it.