Help Us Plan Our Future

Public involvement is an important part of TVA’s Integrated Resource Planning process—we want you to participate!

The utility industry is transforming at a rapid pace, and TVA has a responsibility to ensure it can respond to changing energy demands while continuing to provide reliable power at the lowest possible cost.

How do we meet our responsibility? By planning ahead.

TVA has started working on its 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), a long-term plan that provides direction on how TVA can best meet electricity demand for the next 20 years. Throughout the IRP process, TVA collaborates with customers and stakeholders, and it provides the public with regular updates and opportunities to be involved. For example, TVA holds quarterly webinars that provide information and welcome public engagement around the development of the 2019 IRP.

First Webinar for 2019 IRP Set for May 15

TVA will host its first 2019 IRP Quarterly Public Update Meeting on May 15, 2018, from 11 to 11:45 a.m. EDT via webinar.

During the webinar, TVA will introduce the 2019 IRP (explaining what it is, why TVA is doing it and how it will help determine the Valley’s energy future) as well as provide an update on where TVA is in the development process, summarize public scoping comments and review next steps.

Please register if interested in attending the webinar.

The IRP Process

During the IRP process, TVA, customers and stakeholders will examine scenarios outside TVA’s control as well as strategies within TVA’s control to determine how TVA can best respond to changing energy demands and continue to provide safe, reliable energy at the lowest feasible rate; support environmental stewardship; and foster economic development in the Valley over the next 20 years.

TVA’s 2019 IRP will consider many views of the future and different generation resources, including coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar and other renewables that can be used—along with energy efficiency and other distributed energy resources—to meet future electricity demand. TVA also will consider how its current generating sources can best be used to meet demand.

As part of the process, TVA also will prepare a programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to assess the impacts associated with the implementation of the updated IRP.

For More Information

Want more information about the 2019 IRP and previous IRPs? If so, please see the IRP website.