TVA Brings Fun to the Valley

When Senator George Norris created the TVA Act more than 80 years ago, little did he know that he'd be the father of work-life balance in the Tennessee Valley.

But it makes sense. Norris understood that economic growth and the social well-being of the people are indivisible.

To ensure we have clean, sustainable areas in which to live, work and play, Norris made TVA’s natural resource management role just as important as electricity and economic development.

Eighty years later, TVA has built a strong land management policy and shoreline management policy ensure that public lands and waters of the Tennessee Valley are properly maintained and accessible for those who wish to use them.

Here's are a few of the TVA natural resource management activities that benefit the Valley:

  • Provides lake and river fun for over 1 million Valley residents who enjoy TVA’s reservoirs and waterways each year.
  • Boosts economic development—people who visit TVA reservoirs, rivers and streams pump in millions of dollars into local economies each year supporting tens of thousands of jobs across the valley.
  • Provides water so that about a quarter million rafters each year can knock white water rafting off their bucket list.
  • Ensures that all Valley residents can access our recreational areas regardless of age or ability by upgrading picnic areas and reservoir campgrounds to ADA standards.
  • Supports the world-class trout fishing industry by funding trout production at regional hatcheries and installing equipment to increase dissolved oxygen concentrations.

View TVA’s undeveloped recreation area map to find public lands and waters across the Tennessee Valley.

Air Quality Matters!

That's why TVA has worked tirelessly to improve air quality, realizing steady declines in rates of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions. Thanks to it's efforts, and those of Valley businesses and local regulators—the Valley's air is at its cleanest, having recently achieved Valleywide ozone standard compliance. Read more about TVA's air quality successes.

Keeping Water Quality High

TVA’s waterways support multiple uses, including drinking water, navigation, power production and recreation. That’s why TVA does all that it can to maintain the highest levels of water quality—including monitoring the lakes and rivers it manages, boosting oxygen in the water, maintaining groundwater assessment programs at each of the 11 coal plants it has operated in the Valley and more. Click here for more information about TVA and water quality.