They Put It All on the Line

Got power? If the answer is yes, then you can thank a lineman for making sure that electricity is flowing freely to your home or business, no matter the season, time or weather conditions.

APRIL 18, 2017—They work nights and days. They’re on call 24/7. They climb hundreds of feet into the air just to get to their job sites. They work in the coldest and hottest of weather. They gladly step into the breach to protect the public and their fellow employees from harm. They follow the rain and the snow; they chase tornadoes. For them, emergencies are simply business as usual.

They are builders and repairmen. They are technicians and tree trimmers. They are climbers and aerialists. They are safety officers and equipment operators. They are everyday helpers and heroes.

They are linemen, the men and women whose job it is to keep the transmission system whole and functioning in the face of ever changing conditions. At TVA that means 210 people managing 16,236 miles of line strung across 104,844 structures.

It is because of their hard work TVA can deliver power to the more 9 million people in the Valley with a reliability rate of 99.999%.

Today, National Lineman Appreciation Day, we pause to honor their commitment, skill, courage and dedication to the public good.

Linemen of TVA, we thank you!

Ride Share, TVA-Style

TVA helicopters don't just carry equipment to job sites, they carry linemen to the tops of tall towers, saving them from the climb. This reduces fatigue and enhances performance among the workforce. Check out this 360º video of a lineman making the transfer from helicopter to transmission tower. See the video now.