Two TVA Difference Makers Named to Nation’s Top 50 Economic Developers List

Two TVA go-getters have been named as two of North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers by Consultant Connect, a consulting agency designed to bridge the gap between economic developers and site consultants.

Bill Adams makes it his business to know the Valley. As the senior target market specialist for TVA Economic Development, he uses that knowledge leading the Product Development team. Among other important tasks, Bill and his team work with regional and local community partners throughout the seven-state TVA service territory to identify sites that could be repurposed for business and industrial use.

Known as a champion to her communities, Jessica Breaux, TVA Economic Development regional consultant for middle Tennessee, is the ultimate multitasker, working with nearly 80 active projects, supporting companies that have active contracts with TVA, and managing nearly a dozen economic development outreach training efforts in the communities she serves.

Common Ground

While these two go-getters have different roles as economic development professionals, they do share a unique distinction—both have been named as two of North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers by Consultant Connect, a consulting agency designed to bridge the gap between economic developers and site consultants.

“Bill and Jessica are real difference makers in their respective roles. And, the thing that makes them so successful is the passion they both bring in helping Valley communities grow and prosper,” says John Bradley, TVA vice president of Economic Development.

“It’s great to see them honored at the national level for their professionalism and results. The recognition is truly deserved.”

Adams, Breaux and the other economic development professionals from around the country that were selected for the top 50 list were nominated by their colleagues in both the economic development industry and the site consultant community for their excellent practices, innovation and success in building the communities they serve.

“This annual list recognizing North America’s Top 50 Economic Developers is designed to acknowledge the hard work of the top leaders in this field and elevate the conversation around economic development and job creation,” says Ron Kitchens, managing partner of Consultant Connect. “Each of the leaders represented on this list are beyond deserving of this recognition for their efforts in building our communities brick by brick and job by job.”

Bill Adams

adams.jpgAs the team leader for TVA Economic Development’s Product Development division, Adams assists TVA communities in their efforts to improve their competitiveness through better product (buildings and sites), planning and delivery. His efforts on the TVA Certified Megasites Program contributed to the creation of approximately 6,000 direct jobs and $5.3 billion in capital investment. He has also served as a primary target market specialist for large-scale projects, like automotive assembly, helping communities bring companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fischer Tool and Die, Hydro Gear and Skyline Steel to the Valley.

For Adams, economic development is a mission. “Economic development means doing whatever it takes to give Valley residents a chance to change their family story forever through a better job and better quality of life. Helping them achieve that better life is very fulfilling to me,” he says.

Jessica Breaux

Jessica BreauxIn her role, Breaux serves nine counties in Middle Tennessee, including Nashville and the surrounding metro area. Her current responsibilities include assisting prospective and existing businesses and industries; facilitating financial, technical and other business development resources; helping communities prepare for economic growth opportunities; implementing community and retail development programs; and building strong business working relationships with regional, state and local community economic development leaders.

“My career in economic development has provided me with the opportunity to see many types of projects happen at various levels—giving me a unique understanding of all the partners required to make a deal come together,” Breaux said.

“I have observed that the most successful organizations are those that involve their partners early and often. It takes teamwork and collaboration to build better, more competitive communities; these partnerships are invaluable to the communities we serve.”

According to Heidi Smith, general manager of Global Business for TVA, the entire Economic Development team is proud of Bill and Jessica for their accomplishments. “It’s such a huge honor for them. I’m certain they would be the first to say that their recognition is part of a greater team effort supported by their co-workers and their community, regional and state partners,” Smith says. “That’s just the kind of selfless, dedicated people they are, and that is just one of the things that makes them so effective for TVA and the Valley.”

TVA Economic Development

TVA Economic Development serves the seven states that make up the TVA service area—almost all of Tennessee and parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky. Through our partnerships with other economic development organizations, we help foster capital investment and job growth in the area. Read more about TVA Economic Development.