People Pleasers

From Fontana, N.C., to Memphis, Tenn., and from Paducah, Ky., to Athens, Ala., the employees of TVA are working across seven states to make lives better for others this summer.


What does it take to make life better for others? It takes all three “Es” of TVA’s mission, working together to complete a picture of seasonal bliss.

Our mandate to provide affordable, reliable ENERGY 24/7 means your air conditioner can run overtime on the hottest days of summer, and that there’ll be plenty of ice for your cold cuts and tea.

Our ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP means clean, beautiful lakes and public lands are available for free recreation, whether you feel like paddling, hiking, biking or just lounging on the beach.

And our partnerships for ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT mean we’re constantly working to bring good jobs and investments to the region so that this is a great place to settle down and raise a family to relax and have fun with.

But what ties everything all together is COMMITMENT. Dedicated TVA employees work on all three fronts to make sure this Valley of ours remains a great place to live, work and play — now and for generations to come.

Happy summer!


Meet More People You Know

Meet more TVA employees, and learn about some of the fascinating ways they serve the Tennessee Valley through their work in energy, environmental stewardship and economic development.

They’re your friends, your family, your neighbors. Get to know them.