Reliably Yours

From every angle of our organization, TVA works to make sure our energy is generated, transmitted and delivered with absolute reliability to our local power companies—and on to you.

Generating and transmitting power are core strengths for TVA, but our overarching goal is reliability. We’ve had a reliability rate of 99.999% since the year 2000. It takes a company-wide effort as well as commitment by your local power company to bring you power for your life—the work you do, the heat and air that keeps you comfortable wherever you go, the stores where you shop, the restaurants where you eat, the hotels where you stay, the recreation destinations you visit. And then there's everything you do at home: the lighting, the cooking, the cleaning, the showering, the television watching and more. We’re there to power all the fun and special times that give life meaning.

Here, a few of our employees talk about what reliability means to them, how it drives them toward excellence and gives their work meaning.

Meet More People You Know

Meet more TVA employees, and learn about some of the fascinating ways they serve the Tennessee Valley through their work in energy, environmental stewardship and economic development.

They’re your friends, your family, your neighbors. Get to know them.