Stories of Service

At TVA, our mission of service is embodied in our employees, who work tirelessly on behalf of the people of the Tennessee Valley. Hear, in their own words, what service really means—and why it deeply matters to them.

TVA has never been just another power company. Since its founding in 1933, it's been an organization focused on service to the Tennessee Valley—providing power, yes, but also caring for communities, for the environment and for the economic prosperity of the region. For TVA employees, those aren't abstract concepts—they are part and parcel of everyday life.

The holistic mission of service trickles down into every job in the company, no matter how specialized or generalized, how technical or administrative, how corporate or operations-oriented, how high or low on the totem pole. It takes every person in the organization working together to achieve the desired result: to make the Tennessee Valley the best place in the nation to live, work and play.

But don't just read these words—hear them, watch them come to life in the video below, which features very different employees from very different parts of the company explaining what drives them: their own, individual parts in TVA's mission of service.

More People You Know...

TVA employees are your neighbors, your friends and your family. We happily serve the people of the Valley today to generate a better tomorrow. We live, work and play here, too! Click here to read our stories.

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