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Watts Bar Nuclear Plant


The focus on providing clean, low-cost, reliable power to the Tennessee Valley is foundational to the TVA mission of service. TVA has a diverse, dynamic and adaptable generation portfolio that includes nuclear, coal, gas, hydro and other renewables, with an emphasis on maintaining safe operations and secure facilities.

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36,937 MW

Summer Net Capacity

Adding 7,000 to 10,000 MW of solar energy by 2040

Generating Assets

  • 3 Nuclear Sites (7 Units)
  • 5 Coal-Fired Sites (25 Units)
  • 29 Hydroelectric Sites (109 Units) 
  • 1 Pumped-Storage Site (4 Units)
  • 9 Combustion Turbine Gas Sites (86 Units)
  • 8 Combined Cycle Gas Sites (14 Units)
  • 1 Co-Generation Unit
  • 14 Solar Energy Sites

Learn more about TVA's robust & diverse energy portfolio.