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Environmental Leadership

TVA is a regional leader in carbon reduction. We’re a public power company with a concrete plan to reduce carbon levels even more over the coming years. TVA is in the top quartile for carbon reductions nationally—attributed to a strategically diversified and increasingly cleaner power generation portfolio.

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TVA also boasts the highest amount of renewable generation in the Southeast and expects to add 7,000 to 10,000 MW of solar energy by 2040. At the same time, we’ll offer uncapped, industrial-scale solar installations to private industrial customers through our proprietary Green Invest program. Our award-winning proprietary Green Invest program enables uncapped, utility scale solar installations to meet the sustainability needs of a variety of customers. We currently serve auto manufacturing, big tech, universities, local power companies and city government. TVA has contracted to add 1,175 MW of new-to-the-world utility-scale solar.

TVA will remain committed to clean nuclear, which is over 40% of our generating portfolio.

Low carbon, low rates, significant growth in solar energy, and high reliability—that’s TVA.

Advisory Councils

TVA’s Board of Directors created an opportunity for the public and private sectors to give input on the region’s pressing energy and environmental stewardship issues.

Regional Energy Resource Council

Regional Resource Stewardship Council

70% Decrease in CO2

By 2030, Carbon Reduction Forecast

Reduced Carbon Emissions 55%

Through 2019 from 2005 levels

Top Quartile Nationally

In SO2 and NO2 emissions reductions

Top Quartile among Industry Peers

In Clean Energy

$15 Billion Invested

In cleaner, more diverse generation since 2013

Carbon-emission rate 22% Below the National Average

Based on latest data from 2019

Nearly 50% More Renewable Energy Generation

Than TVA's next closest regional peer

227,767 MWh

Green Power Sales

Over 1 Million Customers

Already have available Community Solar