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Norris Dam

River Management

TVA uses its 49 dams to manage lake levels and river flows to balance the competing demands on the reservoir system. Whether it’s heavy rains or drought, TVA’s River Management Team works around the clock, managing the Tennessee River system to provide a variety of benefits, including flood control, navigation, hydroelectric generation, recreation, and water quality and supply.

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49 Dams

Hydroelectric & non-power

5,394 MW

Summer net capability

Lake Levels

Taming the Tennessee River was TVA’s first task, and it got the job done by building a system of dams and reservoirs to control flooding and generate power.

How TVA Manages Water Levels

Check a lake level.

Tailwater Pursuits

Kayaking, rafting and trout fishing—all activities that you can do in the tailwaters below TVA dams—are growing in popularity. Find out more about how you can “go with the flow” and get involved with these fun sports.

Aquatic Plant ID

The plant-by-plant guide provides information to help you understand when aquatic plants are most productive, where they can grow and how to identify them.

The Tug is the Drug

Trout fishing is good in the Tennessee Valley, particularly in the tailwater below South Holston Dam, which can match any fishery in the nation for monster trout. Learn more about it, as well as other Valley hot spots, along with our best advice for making a big catch. Click here for trout secrets you won't soon forget.

Over 40,000 Miles of Rivers, Streams and Tributaries

Including the 652-mile Tennessee River

11,000 Miles of reservoir shoreline

293,000 Acres of reservoir land

650,000 Surface Acres of reservoir water

Flood Damage Averted

Over $9.5 Billion Since 1936 $300 Million Annually on Average

$1 Billion in potential flood damage prevented in fiscal year 2020 Despite 150% of normal rainfall

Water Source for over 5 Million People

Using 10 billion gallons in the Valley every day

Approximately 100 Public Recreation Areas

Managed by TVA

TVA Conservation & Responsible Recreation Serve as a Driver for:

  • Nearly $12 Billion total economic activity
  • Over 130,500 Jobs
  • $916.5 Million in state and local taxes

Nearly 50 Million Tons a Year Saving $500 Million

Moved by the Tennessee River pear year in shipping costs

Approximately 300 Fish Species are Native

in the Tennessee Valley