Robert B. Sneed

Robert B. Sneed is an environmental and water resources engineer. Bob retired after 36 years serving with the US Army Corps of Engineers in various positions and locations most recently and the longest in the Nashville District as Chief, Water Management Section, Hydrology & Hydraulics Branch, in Nashville, TN. He led a 10-person interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and technicians responsible for carrying out the water control and water quality missions of the Nashville District.  He also provided Cumberland Basin water management oversight and technical assistance for the 2011 MR&T event and the 2012 regional drought.  After retiring from the Corps in January 2016, he subsequently served a six-month detail to assist with the transition to the new Nashville District Water Management Chief. 

He holds an associate’s degree in science from Cumberland College, and bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in engineering from Vanderbilt University.