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Our Service Commitment

Let’s just say it plainly: TVA exists to make our region the best place in the country to live, work and play.

From the time we were founded in 1933, TVA has worked tirelessly to make life better for the people of the Tennessee Valley region, which spans 80,000 square miles across parts of seven states in the Southeast. Every day we work to improve lives by providing safe, clean, reliable and affordable electricity; supporting a robust, award-winning economic development policy that has created prosperous communities throughout our region; and upholding an environmental stewardship program that has created some of the most beautiful and productive waterways in the United States.

Here’s how TVA applies the “three Es” to serve the people of the Tennessee Valley:


  • We generate safe, clean, reliable and affordable power for the region’s homes and businesses, working with local power companies to keep service steady and reliable.
  • We deliver power at the lowest feasible cost, working to make power rates better for all our customers while keeping TVA power safe and reliable.
  • TVA’s mission is unchanged from its 1933 roots—we serve the people of the Tennessee Valley to help the region thrive and grow.


  • TVA’s mission of service includes being stewards of the region’s natural resources, including its waterways and surrounding lands.
  • We manage the thriving Tennessee River system to provide multiple benefits to the people we serve—including flood control, recreation and power production—and ensure that our region will be a safe, healthy and beautiful place to live and play for years to come.

Economic Development