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Enjoy Earth Day with TVA

Join us in showing some love to Mother Earth by helping to clean up public waterways and lands, and participating in community Earth Day celebrations throughout the Tennessee Valley.

April 22 is always a special day for TVA—that’s when we join millions of people worldwide in celebrating Earth Day and showing some love to Mother Earth. But it’s not just one day—we spend the entire month of April hosting and sponsoring numerous cleanups and participating in community Earth Day celebrations throughout the Tennessee Valley.

Every year, TVA employees, partners and volunteers join together to enjoy nature and to pick up trash and litter from the Tennessee River watershed. We plan to do it again this year and we’ll need your help.

But we don’t need our volunteers only for Earth Day—we need you all year round. Volunteer spirit can come through individuals spending a few hours on a task on their own weekend time, through clubs that have agreed to help organize their members to pitch in or it can be as simple as showing up for the first time to learn something new and join in the fun. Check out our Volunteering at TVA page for more ways to get involved any time of the year.

It's Always Earth Day

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Volunteer Any Time!

At TVA, volunteering isn't just for special days. You can help out any time you have the time. Our trails and shorelines can always use a little more TLC. Find out what you can do to help.