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Employee Resource Groups

You belong at TVA! There's a place for you among our employee resource groups.

We’re a destination for difference makers — and that means you. When you come to work for TVA, you’ll find that we celebrate diversity, embrace inclusion and encourage each individual to develop to his or her full potential.

One way we do this is through our Employee Resource Groups, which offer professional networking, social gathering, volunteer opportunities and peer mentoring to TVA’s diverse mix of employees.

ERGs are both fun and functional, helping to jumpstart careers and social growth at TVA, and bringing out the best in our business inclusion practices. That is to say, they help us spark new ideas and innovation by creating a forum to share different backgrounds and experiences.

Employee Resource Groups you might consider joining or supporting include:



We all have differences, whether in our bodily or emotional skills, approaches to work or personal experiences. We are all differently abled — or just abled, as we prefer it here at TVA. ABLED comes together to celebrate our commonalities as well as our beautiful differences, which allow us to bring our own unique perspectives and gifts to work. ABLED focuses on making sure that everyone has the tools they need to do their work well, whether that means through equipment or personal support. All are welcome as ABLED offers support to all through the creation of educational opportunities and avenues for advocacy.



TVA respects and honors the many Asian cultures represented within the company, from Japan to India to the Philippines and beyond. The Asian Collaboration Team (ACTion) sponsors celebrations of Diwali and Chinese New Year, holds a yearly dragon boat race to benefit a Chattanooga children’s hospital, and throughout the year gathers to offer both social events and career-enriching workshops. As award-winning members and participants in the Society of Asian Scientist and Engineers professional organization, ACTion focuses on developing nationally recognized leaders in the field of energy.



African American Voices

The African American community is diverse and active in a variety of professional and community organizations. For black employees seeking fellowship and smart career connections within TVA, African American Voices is the group of choice. Expect to meet an open group of friends who will support and uplift you (no matter where you are stationed), and committed leaders who will mentor you with an eye toward your development and promotion. This active group also offers workshops on such topics as personal branding, networking with management, personal finance, how to negotiate and more. 

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Council of Native Americans

As a federal agency, TVA has a very unique and important government-to-government relationship with federally recognized Indian tribes, respecting tribal sovereignty and self-determination. The TVA Council of Native Americans provides partnership and engagement opportunities to TVA Native American employees and others focused on advancing educational opportunities, enabling meaningful cultural interaction, sharing cultural diversity of the tribes, and facilitating the growth of the Native American employee population. We welcome all those interested in learning more about Native American culture, participating in community activities, or providing advocacy and support to join us.

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New Employee Network

TVA is a big company, and being the new kid — learning all the ins and outs — can be daunting. But New Employee Network makes life a lot easier by providing organizational information and cross-functional connections that will serve you throughout your tenure at TVA. Get settled into your job more easily and make friends that will last a lifetime by joining in the New Employee Experience!



LGBTQ+ employees at TVA can take pride in working at a company that offers an open and accepting environment. Spectrum focuses on increasing visibility and educating about LGBTQ+ issues while ensuring a safe workplace for all TVA employees. This employee resource group offers a variety of events open to all employees, including the LGBTQ+ community and allies. Spectrum is especially active in June, during Pride Month, when members engage local communities by sponsoring events around the Tennessee Valley. Join, and take part in many educational sessions, professional networking events and social hours, both internal to TVA and with other Tennessee Valley companies’ LGBTQ+ employee resource groups.


TVA & Amigos

The Hispanic population represents one of the fastest growing ethnicities in America. TVA & Amigos provides an avenue for Hispanic employees and those interested in Latin culture to be involved in professional, educational and service-oriented events. Actively involved in recruiting, this group also forms long-term partnerships with local public schools and Valley-based nonprofits serving the Hispanic/Latino community. Join, and you can expect to make intentional connections, find meaningful service opportunities, attend inspiring educational events and enjoy other impactful experiences.


TVA Veterans Association

Veterans comprise 20% of TVA's workforce, bringing both highly valued skills and appreciated discipline to the company. TVA Veterans Association is one of the oldest Employee Resource Groups, and one of the most active, with all branches of the military represented. Join to find camaraderie and support, as well as help in navigating the TVA system. Get involved in such events as the Wounded Warrior bass tournament, the annual 9/11 ceremony and our annual Veterans Day luncheon.


Women Empowered

Women Empowered endeavors to improve the TVA workplace by providing support for women at all stages of their careers, and advocates across the organization to ensure the equal rights of all female employees. This very active group focuses on inclusion internally, and reaches out to girls and young women in the community as well. Here, networking, developmental opportunities and community outreach go hand-in-hand as women in energy make powerful connections.