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Veteran Opportunities

You have served the people of the United States, now come join us as we serve the people of the Tennessee Valley. At TVA, we understand what it is to serve. We understand that the diverse backgrounds and skills of our military veterans and their families can be a critical asset in our mission to deliver safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy. For that reason, we actively recruit veterans for positions at TVA and also serve as a resource for those seeking employment across the energy sector.

Search for Jobs

Our Career Gateway helps guide you to the right careers and opportunities at TVA. Plug in your skills, and we’ll offer you targeted opportunities and information to help you connect your experience with TVA jobs.

Wondering how your experience might translate into a career in the energy sector? At TVA, military personnel are working in positions such as:

  • Attorney
  • Combined Cycle Operations Technician
  • Financial Consultant
  • Electrician
  • Hydro Technician
  • Nuclear Mechanical Technician
  • Nuclear Operations Specialist
  • Nuclear Security Officer
  • Coal and Nuclear Unit Operator
  • Procurement Agent
  • Manager, Quality Assurance
  • Senior Instrument Mechanic
  • Supervisor, Nuclear Unit Station
  • Supervisor, Coal Shift Operations
  • Supervisor, Coal Maintenance 
  • Combustion Turbine Technician

Additionally, we are proud to have a program that will allow qualified veterans and their families to secure a preference in the selection process. Learn how to get the preference you have earned. Get information about how to claim veterans’ preferences at TVA.

More Resources

  • TVA and Helmets to Hardhats are partners dedicated to providing career opportunities for members of the military, reservists and guardsmen.
  • Troops to Energy Jobs can further help you translate your military experience into success in the energy sector.

In Their Own Words…

“Twenty-four years in the Army Reserve and 10 years as a master sergeant taught me a lot about leadership, attention to detail, and the value of a chain of command—all of which I rely on daily as an assistant unit operator in TVA’s Fossil Operations. Many of the HU tools we used in the Army are also important to TVA as well. They may not have the same name, but things like peer checking, stopping when unsure, and pre-and post-job briefs help us avoid injuries, so we’re going home at the end of each day the same way we arrived.”

Barry O’Neal
Retired, U.S. Army Reserve

“As a peace-time Navy veteran, my experience as an Instrument man helped me transition well into my job here at TVA, performing calibrations and instrumentation for the Nuclear Power Group. I find that there’s a kind of brotherhood among the crafts in TVA similar to what we knew in the military that you just don’t see in other industrial environments. It’s a bonding that makes me feel safe on the job, knowing that a brother or sister has my back.”

Sherri Tice
Retired, U.S. Navy

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EEO Statement

TVA is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding equal employment opportunities. Any applicant or employee who believes s/he has a discrimination claim (including harassment or retaliation) must contact TVA’s equal opportunity compliance office within 45 calendar days of the event or action s/he believes to constitute discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

Non-U.S. residents should read TVA's citizenship policy.

Individuals interested in claiming veterans’ preference should read the information for claiming veterans’ preference.