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Why Join TVA? New Hires Tell All

A recent group of new hires share their thoughts about joining TVA—why they came and what they expect.

TVA has a diverse fleet of talent, and whether you work in a nuclear plant or a corporate office, your first three days with TVA are the same as anyone else’s. All annual employees begin their TVA journey at New Employee Experience (NEE) in Chattanooga.

Every two weeks, NEE classes educate all new hires about our mission to serve the 10 million people living in the Valley.

For many, the first day on the job is a healthy blend of excitement and uncertainty. We spoke to a few new hires (pictured above) as they waited to be cleared through security and begin NEE. Their responses highlighted the familiar emotions of a new beginning—a special day to which all TVA employees can relate.

Here are just a few stories from TVA’s new hires:

Gray Wattenbarger works for Supply Chain as a procurement agent. “I’ve heard a great amount of things regarding TVA. Those I’ve talked to say the people who work here make the experience what it is. That’s the main thing that drew me here—the people and the longevity of their careers. They stick with TVA because they love it so much.”

Yolanda Woods has worked for TVA as a contractor for five years. Becoming familiar with TVA over the years, Woods knew it was a place she’d like to grow her career as a business support representative. “Being here for five years, I’ve seen what a good company it is, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to continue my work here.”

Contractor Kimberly Shepherd also recently hired on, and points to TVA’s code of ethics as a reason she chose to stay with TVA. “I’ve enjoyed working here in printing services for the past year and the code of ethics is one of the things that drew me to TVA. I also appreciate the support I’m given from my managers.”

Coming from the Department of Interior, new employee Elizabeth Smith had been furloughed as part of the partial government shutdown. She’ll be managing NEPA projects at TVA. “TVA feels like a good fit with my background.”

Stability is also a quality new hires point to when discussing their decision to choose TVA.

Commercial Diver Curtis Nuss said hiring on as a nuclear Student Generating Plant Operator (SGPO) will offer him more stable employment and less stress on his family. “In my old job, I never knew where I was going to be.”

Groundskeeper Mickah Taylor points to the great retirement benefits TVA offers as one of the reasons he chose to come here. “I decided I wanted a new career after the Army and working for road departments for several years. This is something new that will provide a good life and a good retirement.”

Students starting out their career with internships say they chose TVA as a place to hone their craft thanks to the hands-on experience and learning environment the workplace provides. “The cybersecurity department has offered me an opportunity to learn and continue my master’s degree in cybersecurity management,” intern Ivana Hinton said. “It’s an honor to intern at TVA and I’m excited to learn beyond the text book.”