Target Industries

Target Industries

TVA Economic Development focuses its efforts on attracting industries that can bring maximum prosperity to our region, while gaining all its unique qualities and advantages in return. Mutually beneficial relationships have proven time and again to be the most prosperous and lasting ones. 

Four industries in particular are well suited to prosper in the Valley—because of our central location, our technology infrastructure and because of a ready market all around them. They are advanced manufacturing, transportation-related manufacturing, data centers, and food processing. Each will find a warm welcome in the Valley.

  • Advanced Manufacturing: The Valley has a wide base of sophisticated manufacturers, including aerospace, aviation, chemicals, metals manufacturing and processing, and defense-related manufacturing.
  • Transportation Manufacturing: The Valley is home to four major automotive manufacturers in the Southeastern U.S.—Volkswagen, General Motors, Nissan North America and Toyota—and 3,000 other automotive-related OEMs.
  • Data CentersThe Valley is uniquely suited for businesses in the technology and data businesses, thanks to its robust telecommunications connectivity, electrical power reliability, educated workforce and enterprise data centers.
  • Food Processing: The Valley offers easy access to all the ingredients that make this industry work well: low business costs, skilled workforce, access to raw materials, a central location and a transportation network that lets you get your product to market fast.

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