Economic Development - Our Team

Our Team

At TVA Economic Development, we have an array of specialists to help you with your precise needs. You can always reach us through our general contact routes: Call us at (615) 232-6225 or email us at [email protected].

Corporate Managers

Thinking big? Need multiple areas of help? Reach out to TVA Economic Development’s Corporate Managers, who will gladly assemble a team to meet your needs.

John Bradley

John Bradley

Senior Vice President
Economic Development
(615) 232-6051

Heidi Smith 2

Heidi Smith

Global Business
(615) 232-6556

Stephen Surles

Stephen Surles

Economic Development Incentive Programs
(615) 232-6707

Joseph Burchfield

Strategic Consultant
(615) 232-6127

Stephen Surles

Harry Schmidt

Field Operations
(256) 430-4819

Bess Hubbard

Bess Hubbard,

Manager, ED Services