Connected Communities Toolkit

Connected Communities Toolkit

Project Design and Implementation Resources

To help address the region’s biggest challenges and connect communities within the Valley to the future, we compiled valuable resources anchored in research from across the country, trends from our region and the focus areas most important to our communities. While the specific solutions may look different for urban, suburban and rural regions, the process to implement these projects follows a standard framework and roadmap.


Connected Communities Guidebook

Access a detailed interactive playbook that includes specific project recommendations, strategies and tactics for urban, suburban and rural regions in the Valley to help implement connected community solutions.

Implementation Guides

Implementation Guides

Explore a sample project in each of the three Connected Community focus areas. The booklets provide examples of how the Connected Communities Guidebook can be utilized to leverage technology and data to create positive outcomes across the Valley.


Research Database

Discover examples of other projects and concepts from across the nation, as well as technology solutions and funding resources. Reference the database at any point in your project to learn more.

Access the Database

Advocate for Your Community to be Connected

Download these resources to advocate for your community to build a strategy and implement solutions that align with the Valley vision, engage stakeholders and make use of available resources.


Valley Roadmap

Utilize the Roadmap to share the Valley’s Connected Communities definition, vision, goals, leading practices and success factors with your stakeholders.

Access the Roadmap


Ready-to-Go Fliers

Use the fliers to share the Connected Communities mission and vision, as well as available resources with your stakeholders.


We Can Help You Engage Your Stakeholders

Would you like help communicating your vision and motivating your stakeholders and partners? We can help you refine your message and inspire your target audience. Email us at [email protected].