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Technologies for Connected Communities

Technology solutions are an essential part of a connected community. Each community is unique, and the “best-fit” technology solutions will vary. Here are some technology solutions your community can consider pursuing in your journey to become more connected.

Technology Innovation Illustration


Example Technology Solutions

Home Page Illustration

Community Energy

  • Virtual Power Plant
  • Community Solar
  • Microgrids
  • Smart Energy Community
  • Distributed Solar


  • 5G
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Public Wi-Fi Kiosks
  • Smart Poles
  • Edge Computing
Charging Lane illustration


  • EV Charging
  • EV Public Transit
  • Roadway Electrification
  • Advanced Shared Mobility
Agriculture illustration


  • Agrivoltaics
  • loT for Farming
Building Energy

Building Energy

  • Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings
  • BTM Battery Storage
  • Connected Lighting
  • Smart Heating
  • Building Thermal Storage
  • Smart Ventilation
  • Smart Windows and Glass
Resiliency Illustration


  • Plans and Training for Natural Disasters and Cybersecurity
  • Communication and Emergency Response Systems
  • Emission-Free Generation with Storage
  • Resilience Hubs
Economic Development Illustration

Economic Development

  • Virtual Reality For Workforce Development
Analytics Illustration



  • Smart Water Management
  • Smart Wastewater Management


  •  Energy Load Disaggregation
  •  Building Energy Modeling


  • Digital Twin Modeling

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Get Connected:
A Technology Landscape

Learn about 42 key technology applications that can support progress toward more connected communities in TVA’s service region.

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