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Linemen working

Got Power? Thank a Lineman!

With a flip of a switch, a push of a button or the turn of a knob, electricity flows. Those everyday motions are possible thanks to a dedicated group of individuals who ensure the power stays on.

These unsung heroes are the linemen whose tireless efforts keep over 16,000 miles of lines humming with energy, illuminating homes, powering industry and driving progress.

They brave scorching summers and icy winters, towering heights and treacherous terrains, to keep the grid operational.

These employees possess specialized skills acquired through rigorous training and years of hands-on experience. Climbing towering poles or working atop utility trucks, they display remarkable agility and precision, ensuring that every connection is secure and every repair conducted swiftly. Their expertise extends beyond mere technical proficiency. Linemen must also possess a keen understanding of safety protocols to mitigate the risk inherent in their line of work.

Linemen often find themselves at the forefront during emergencies and extreme weather, restoring power.

Despite their critical role, linemen often labor in anonymity, their efforts unnoticed by the majority until someone flips a switch and nothing happens. Only then is the lineman's significance truly realized, as households eagerly wait for them to restore the lifeline of electricity.

Take a moment to appreciate and recognize the invaluable contributions of linemen to our daily lives. Whether a simple gesture of gratitude or a heartfelt acknowledgment of their hard work, let us honor these unsung heroes who work to keep the lights on.