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Linemen working

Got Power? Thank a Lineworker!

It's National Lineworker Day, and TVA salutes them with a special video that offers a peek into their unique world.

It takes a special breed to make a lineworker.  You must be strong of body, willing of heart and brave of soul. You have to be dedicated to safety and comfortable working in the freezing snow, showering rain and sweltering heat. You must work in swampy bottomlands and soaring mountaintops. You are a first responder when disaster hits—on the scene, ready to restore power at a moment’s notice. You’re required to be, in other words, a hero.

It’s a job that takes dedication, guts, skill and a single-minded focus on one purpose: To bring power to all parts of the Tennessee Valley. For a job well done, TVA salutes its lineworker!