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Compatible Trees and Shrubs

Planting the proper vegetation on TVA transmission line right of way easements can help provide a sustainable and compatible plant community. Low-growing trees, shrubs, and other plants can be compatible with TVA rights of way—here is an extensive list of acceptable plants, including botanical and common names, as well as attributes. Additional vegetation species may also be compatible with TVA right of way easements based on the specific variety and location, please contact the TVA Transmission Right of Way team to discuss.


Scientific NameCommon NameNative Species?Cultivars Available?Evergreen or Deciduous?Comments
Abelia X grandifloraGlossy AbeliaNoYesDeciduousEasy to grow and tolerant of many habitats; white-pink flowers
Aesculus parvifloraBottlebrush BuckeyeYesNoDeciduousMulti-stem, colony-forming shrub with large spikes of white flowers
Buxus microphyllaLittleleaf BoxwoodNoYesEvergreenEasily shaped with pruning
Buxus sempervirensCommon BoxwoodNoYesEvergreenEasily shaped with pruning
Callicarpa  japonicaJapanese BeautyberryNoYesDeciduousMulti-stem shrub producing showy berries
Callicarpa americanaAmerican BeautyberryYesYesDeciduousMulti-stem shrub producing showy berries
Calycanthus floridusSweetshrubYesYesDeciduousMaroon-red sweet-scented flowers
Chaenomeles speciosaFlowering QuinceNoYesDeciduousFlowers ranging from red to white; rounded form with spiny twigs
Clethra alnifoliaSweet PepperbushYesYesDeciduousFragrant, with long flower spikes
Cornus sericeaRed Osier DogwoodYesYesDeciduousMulti-stem shrub with showy bark
Cotinus coggygriaSmokebushNoYesDeciduousMany with red-purple foliage, airy flowers, good fall color
Forsythia X intermediaForsythiaNoYesDeciduousShowy yellow flowers in early spring
Fothergilla gardeniiDwarf FothergillaYesYesDeciduous2 to 3 ft. tall, white flowers in spring with good fall color
Fothergilla majorLarge FothergillaYesYesDeciduousTo 10 ft. tall, white flowers in spring with good fall color
Hamamelis vernalisVernal Witch HazelYesYesDeciduousFlowers from late winter to early spring; good screen and fall color
Hibiscus syriacusRose of SharonNoYesDeciduousSummer flowering; good for borders
Hydrangea arborescensSmooth HydrangeaYesYesDeciduousMany cultivated varieties available, white flowers
Hydrangea macrophyllaBigleaf HydrangeaNoYesDeciduousRounded shrub with large, showy flowers
Hydrangea quercifoliaOakleaf HydrangeaYesYesDeciduousAttractive exfoliating bark and showy flowers
Hypericum spp.Shrubby St. JohnswortIn PartYesDeciduousMultiple species; groundcovers and shrubs with large, yellow flowers
Ilex crenataJapanese HollyNoYesEvergreenAttractive berries, numerous cultivated, low-growing varieties
Ilex glabraInkberryYesYesEvergreenAttractive berries, numerous cultivated, low-growing varieties
Ilex verticillataCommon WinterberryYesYesDeciduousShowy red fruit in winter; Ilex verticillata X  serrata hybrids are also ornamental
Illicium floridanumFlorida AnisetreeYesYesEvergreenRare in the wild; attractive red flowers, prefers part sun to shade
Itea virginicaVirginia SweetspireYesYesVariableRanging from deciduous to evergreen; attractive white flowers
Juniperus horizontalisCreeping JuniperYesYesEvergreenLow-growing, sprawling shrub; good ground cover
Kalmia latifoliaMountain LaurelYesYesEvergreenAttractive flowers, numerous cultivated, low-growing varieties
Leucothoe spp.Fetterbush, Dog-hobbleIn PartYesEvergreenMultiple species; low-growing shrub with lustrous foliage
Lindera benzoinSpicebushYesYesDeciduousNice flowers, fruit; good for wetter areas
Loropetalum chinenseChinese Fringe-flowerNoYesEvergreenShrub with attractive flowers, choose low-growing varieties
Neviusia alabamensisAlabama Snow-wreathYesNoDeciduousRare in the wild with showy white flowers in spring; colonial, good for borders
Philadelphus inodorusMock OrangeYesNoDeciduousShrub with rounded form and white flowers
Physocarpus opulifoliusCommon NinebarkYesYesDeciduousExfoliating bark on older stems, good for borders; cultivated varieties are superior
Pieris floribundaMountain PierisYesNoEvergreenNative, attractive low-growing shrub
Pieris japonicaJapanese PierisNoYesEvergreenAttractive foliage and flowers; good for borders
Prunus laurocerasusCherry LaurelNoYesEvergreenMulti-stemmed, numerous cultivated, low-growing varieties
Rhododendron carolinianumCarolina RhododendronYesYesEvergreenShowy flowers; prefers good drainage and some shade
Rhododendron catawbienseCatawaba RhododendronYesYesEvergreenShowy flowers; prefers good drainage and some shade
Rhododendron spp.AzaleaIn PartYesDeciduousShowy flowers, some repeat blooming; choose low-growing varieties
Rhus aromaticaFragrant SumacYesYesDeciduousSpreading shrub with red berries; leaves fragrant when crushed
Rosa spp.RoseIn PartYesDeciduousMultiple species with numerous cultivars; grown for the attractive flowers
Styrax americanusAmerican SnowbellYesNoDeciduousBell-shaped white flowers in early summer
Syringa spp.Common LilacNoYesDeciduousAromatic flowers, numerous cultivated, low-growing varieties
Vaccinium spp.BlueberryYesYesDeciduousFantastic edible, good fall color, requires acidic soil
Viburnum spp.ViburnumIn PartYesVariableAttractive flowers, numerous cultivated, low-growing varieties
Weigela floridaWeigelaNoYesDeciduousLarge, adaptable shrub with arching branches; appropriate for borders